Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Fling 4

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We laughed and continued walking when 3azeez suddenly says


I looked up at him to see his face masked with a serious expression.


Ring ring ring...

It was Meera. Weeh I forgot all about her! Waay kilish mo wagtich;/

"Sorry bs I have to answer" I smiled to 3azeez. He nodded.


"Hala zaina wainech?" She asked worridly.

"Ahlain uhh, ana ga3da atmasha ma3a 3azeez shfeech sayer shay?"

"Ma3a 3azeez?!.. Ahaa.. Laa' mo sayer shay Bs kint a7ateech lana radait eshiqa ou maligaitich" her tone suddenly changed;s

"Ahaa.. Khalas al7een arjaa3 yalla bye"

"3azeez yalla khanrid lana Meera al7een bishiqa"

"Uh eh ok yalla"

Ya3ny Meera maligat etdig ella al7een when I finally gathered my courage to tell Zaina the big news!!!

"3azeez yalla khanrid lana Meera al7een bishiqa"

"Uh eh ok yalla" I must say I was a little dissapointed!

The walk home masar shay most of the time we were quiet ou I only asked about her parents ou chithy, ya3ny masar shay!

I walked her to her apartment and we said our goodbyes.

"Mashkoor 3azeez walla I had fun tonight" zaina said grinning.

"El3afo entay elly mashkoora, I had fun too!"

I looked at her pretty face mesmerized in her beauty. I was standing and gave the door my back. She gave me an awkward smile and I realized that I was blocking her way. I returned her smile and moved so she can enter her apartmenet. She unlocked the door and turn to see me.

"Hehe byee.." And closed the door.

Ahh, finally home ta3abat min elmashy. I sat on the couch and heard Meera coming to the living room.

"Ha shloon ur walk ma3a 3azeez?" She asked with a smirk on her face.

"Walla wanasa, he is a really good guy!"

"Ahaa, hehee a7isich t7beena!" I sensed suspicion in her voice.

"Abay la shako!" I blushed ya3ne ana ma3arifha 3adil 3ashan agoolaha my secrets!

"Emballaa you do shda3wa latisti7een goolay ya3ne I saw the way you looked at eachother bil bus!!" She said hitting me lightly on the shoulder with a smile.

"Haw laa' sadgeeny you misunderstood the whole thing he's just a friend! Anyway ana baroo7 anam ta3bana!"

"Heh!" She grunted as I passed her. What's her problem?!

I walked to my room to change when I remembered that 3azeez was trying to tell me something bs Meera called! Waay abay fashla nesait!

*Next morning:
I woke up at 9 3ashan aroo7 elmo7athra. As always it was soo long and boring. I really wanted to bump into 3azeez so I could ask him about what he wanted to tell me. I also contemplated calling him bs gilt shda3wa etha shifta ill ask.
When I reached my building I saw 3azeez leaning on his car with his hands crossed on his chest. He was wearing his ray-bans and looked gorgeous!! When he saw me he flashed his million-dollar smile, I swear my heart almost skipped a beat. I walked to him.


"Hala wala, shlonech?"

"Tamam enta shlonik?"

"Bkhair dam entay ebkhair" he said smiling.


"Hehee, na6er a7ad?" I asked while blushing like crazy.

"Eeh na6er wa7da esimha Zaina? T3arfeenha?" He asked jokingly.

"Ha walla madry chiny sam3a 3anha" I joked back. We both laughed.

"Eeh 3azeez shinu kint bitgooly ams?"

"Eeh saa7.. Mayinfa3 agoola hnee ta3alay khanroo7 starbucks wagoolich.""

"Eeh ok yalla"

We got in his car and he quickly sped off. The car was filled with his scent and it was amazing. I enhaled it in and sighed.
We arrived at starbucks to find it crammed with people. We found a table next to a small window and headed for it.

"Ha shtishrubeen?"

"Umm, hot chocolate please"



3azeez ordered our drinks and came back holding two steaming cups. He handed me my hot chocolate and sat down. He was staring at me as if its the first time he ever saw me!

"3azeez shinu taby tgool? Tara magdar an6er aby a3arif hehee"

"Eeh enzain al7een agoolich! Awal shay shay shloon edarasa ma3ach?"

"Walla zaina.."

"Eeh ashwa... 3ad shiday 7ailich haa?" He said smiling.

"Lool eeh akeed"

"Enzain ouu shloon--"

"3azeez yalla gool!!" I started whining.

He looked at me, smiling. He reached out for my hand and enveloped it with his. I was suprised, what is he trying to do?! I started blushing.

I turned my face around and saw..

Meera staring at me with an expression that I couldn't quite place a finger on.

Oh boy oh boy...!
Hope you liked it;*


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