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Summer Fling (6)

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Okay 3a6eeny ya …" He said, and I gave the phone to the driver. They talked for a while and before I knew I t, I was in front of our building. I thanked the driver and headed to my dorm room, with a smile refusing to leave my face.

I was just walking towards my room, with a big smile across my face, I must look ridiculous but I just can’t snap out of it… all the thoughts are rushing through my brain at once

Meera came over to zain…starring at her suspiciously..

“zain eshfeech?”

Suddenly I snapped out of it.. ifffffff kila it5arib my special moments!!!

“ma feeny shay!.. intay eshfeech?”... I mean im fine..maybe something is wrong with her really.. shes weird… why don’t I invite her to dinner ?!..i hardly know her..and I want to get to know her better.. im practically spending all my time with 3azeez.. I got to make new friends don’t I?!

“haw?..intay chiftay nafsech elyoum bel cafe… eshkintay ga3ada itsaween..wat was that all about!?”

“Meera mali 5ilg plzz 7adee day5a…anyways..tabeen el youm inroo7 nit3asha ma3aba3th!? Oo ehnaak 7acheeny”.. I felt like I was avoiding her lately..

“sure..i was just about to ask u the same question!” she said pleasingly

“okay then”.. I smiled back..she doesn’t seem that bad after all..

“I think ill take a nap now im exhausted… if im not awake by 6:30,,please gawmeeny!!?..k?”.. I said politely …walla I was tired after what I heard today… I mean a boy and not any boy …3azeez told me he loves me!! ;O

“inshalla..byeee gd night” …

“byeee”..and I went straight to my room and shut the door,..I wore my comfortable pj’s… and set the alarm clock to wake me up at 6:30 and laid down in my bed…I kept thinking about 3azeez over and over again… I kept thinking about the way he touched me…the way he kissed me .. the way he said a7ibech!.. just thinking about him gave me the chills..i couldn’t be happier… I mean from all the beautiful girls out there.. he picked me.. he really picked me!!..i really don’t know why cuz im so average and embarrassing at times… but oh well I guess im lucky….ZZZZzzzzzz


Meera and I were walking towards a restaurant..we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant..while walking and talking about our studies and stuff…I felt that any minute now she’ll bring up the story about me and 3azeez… I swear I miss my friends in Kuwait…I feel our conversations r less boring… but after all I have to get to know her better… im sure she is a sweet fun person…while Meera was blabbing… suddenly I saw 3azeez…at the other side of the street.. I felt like my heart stopped… and I became so nervous and my hands started sweating.. whats wrong with me!?… I saw him today and I was just fine.. I guess after he told me that he loves me and all… I became more nervous around him… did he see me !?.. should I walk towards him!?.. or should I make myself as if I didn’t see him!?.. I can hear Meera in the background still talking!

“Zain Zain!!” Meera broke in an irritaited tone!


“Zain intay ga3ada tismi3eeny!?”

“Zaiiiiiiiiiiiin!!” 3azeeez voice broke into excitement after he saw me from the other side of the street..

Meera was just staring at me ..with an unreadable expression!.. but me I just broke into a huge smile...when I heard his voice!…

Suddenly he was crossing the street… quickly..what is he crazy!?.. the walk sign is red.. which
means cars could pass by any minute now its green light for them… why can’t he wait till it’s safe for him to cross over!?.. ow well I guess there isn’t any cars nearby… while 3azeez is hurrying to cross the street to get over here…a huge truck came by..and I dotn know how it happened but in a blink of an eye 3azeez was lying in the rough streets of England… and my heart stopped…I broke into tears… I felt like a waterfall was coming through my eyes.. but I have to do something.. what do I do!!?

“3azeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!”.. I ran to him while soaking with tears!!..ombay wayha ey5ari3.. he is covered with blood shasawee.. “la 3azeez goooooom .. 3azeeez gooooooooooooom/!!!”

“3azeeez..tisma3ny!? ..3azeeeez!!!...”

“I think we should call the ambulance maam”… said the driver of the truck that hit 3azeez

“u ! idiot !!..what have u done!?..of course call the ambulance and the police now!!”

“Zain ZAinnnn!!”.. Meera said in a determined manner

“What now!?”… el 7een kil hatha 9ayer..5al itsa3idy bedal la it7in oo it2atheeny...9ij hal bint itbo6 el chabd.. I placed my ears in 3azeeez chest to see if his heart is still beating..

“zaaaaaaaaaain” Meera continued!

Then I felt my eye open..and saw Meera up close…waking me up…….

I went straight to hugging meera!!..

“please pinch me!”

Meera did wat she asked for

.....“oww ..not that hard …Thank God it’s just a dream!!”

“whats wrong zain!?” Meera looked concerned

“I had the most horrible dream..bss ashwa inech ga3ateeny... thnks”

“no problem… inzayn tabeen water shay!?”

“la 5ala9 im fine!”… omg wat kind of dream is this!?.. it is the worst dream I ever had!!!..i have to go see 3azeeez now!

“3ayal yala goomay libsay!.. im starving” Meera complained

“k kany”

I headed towards my closet and picked out any t-shirt and a light colored jeans…I rapidly tied my hair into a bun…I didn’t care how I looked I was too busy thinking… I kept thinking omg..what an awful dream..what does it mean!?.. I could never lose 3azeeez..never ever!!.. I mean I hope he is alright now!!..i truly truly love this boy…I got so attached to him these past few days!

So I decided to call 3azeez..

6ooo6 6ooo6… he did not answer!

Let me try again… 6oo6 6oo6

“aloo” 3azeez finally spoke

“hi”..abaay im so relieved to hear his voice

“Hala 7abeebty!?...3asa ma shar ..feech shay?!”

“laa.. I just had a horrible dream about u… oo kint bachayik if ur okay?”

“la el 7imdiallah feeny 7ateen”

“shaklik mash8ool?”

“ee I still didn’t finish my project im still working on it..”

“aha k 3ayal… yala byee..take care”

“u too..byeee”

“yala 5ala9tay zaain!?” Meera called out ..

“ha ee kany kany!”… i grabbed my oversized bag and headed out the door

“inzayn ay ma63am tabeena inroo7!?” Meera asked

“mmm… madree anything but not Chinese!” really anything but Chinese..i don’t want to
remember that horrible dream again

“k… mishtahya Italian restaurant.. hatha ely 3al zawya”

“k that sounds good to me” ..anyways I like Italian

We decided to walk to the restaurant…it was few blocks away… and it was just 7:15 pm and the sun is still not down. While walking towards our destination… Meera starting talking about uni and the courses she took and asked me a few questions… and I was waiting for her to pop out the question about me and sure she’ll investigate. Well she did when we were nearly arriving at the restaurant..i guess she didn’t ask me too early so it doesn’t seem like shes devastated or something..

“inzayn el youm esalfetech..bel cafĂ©.. falling for a guy…walla 3a6ayty wayh zayid 3an lizoom!?”

“Meera 7abeebty ..tara ana mo ray7a feeha.. ana ma a36y wayh ay a7ad… oo I know wat im doing… ya3ne hatha 3azeez ey3arifny 3adel ana oo ahly… oo he helped me a lot. .. oo he is a good guy trust me.. oo ba3dayn kan yabe yegooly shay bss..”

“k whatever u say so…bss I want u to be careful..that’s all!”

"k thanks for ur concern!"

We arrived at the restaurant… we went in… there were lots of people..i thought we were too early it seems not..

We sat down on a table… then Meera started talking again

“isn’t this ur 3azeez..sitting right over there!?”


“right behind our table..choofay warach!”

Meera was pointing at a table behind me..i couldn’t see cuz I gave my back to them and Meera was facing them… so I decided to look over my shoulder.. im sure she’s mistaken 3azeez with somebody else…..i just called him he was working on his project or did he finish!?
I looked over or there was this beautiful blonde girl… with blue eyes facing somebody.. I looked over or yes it was 3azeeez.. facing this mysterious girl…. Wat the hell!?... im sure he has an explaination for this!?... but why did he tell me he was working on a project… why!? … Meera was right!!... why did I fall for a guy I hardly knew…laish 3a6ayta wayh .. I felt that any minute now I will burst into tears.. el 7een shagool 7ag Meera.. this is the guy that I trusted....this is the guy that I was smooching with early today… laish esawee feeny chithy eyfashelny jidam el 3alam… laish ga9 3alay !?... I was swallowing the pain.. I was such a fool for fulling for his tricks…

“hatha 3azeez 9a7!?” Meera confidently stated

“ha ..9a7 tithakart galee beroo7 wiya his classmate this Italian restaurant to discuss
something about uni”… what a lie!!...bss ma kint abee yinga9 wayhy.. after I told her that he was such a good guy ….well now i know he's more like a jerk ...

“ee ya7layla he tells u honest!?”

“ee” I put on a fake smile..

“inzayn roo7ay salmay 3alayhom”

“la ba3dayn..i don’t want to bother them while they r working”


We ordered food and all.. and Meera starting talking..and I just put on a fake smile here and there.. I could hear 3azeez in the back talking to her in his brisitsh accent…the accent that I love..he used his freakish accent on another girl..well I guess she cant talk Arabic bss still ba6 chabdee…I just wanted to go straight up to him and slap him on the face…. and get out of the restaurant and never see him again…. This would be my dream come true…but this would be more scarier than the dream I had..

“baro7 el 7amam ebser3a”

“k…”.. im sure shes bored with me since im not paying any attention to her!

Ohh No!! 3azeez is coming towards me…what now …another lie!? ;@

3azeez percpective

Kint ga3ed asawee project with my partner that the professor have chosen for me… ya3nee she is a girl partner...5ift agool 7ag zayn she’ll freak out … fa my partner kanat yo3ana..fa ri7na Italian restaurant.. oo gilt nakil oo in kamil our discussion… faj2a dagat 3alay zayn…maskeena ek9irat 5a6ry… kanat it 7ateeny bcuz she had a horrible dream… kint ba6aferha oo agoolaha la gimtay it7ateen …i wanted to tease her..i was sooo happy and excited that she cares about me…. I was a lucky man to have someone like her to care about me… but I couldn’t take long ..i had to make the conversation short...cuz I want to finish this project as soon as possible… I had it with this project… and i dont even like my partner ...she's so cocky… So we were doing our project in this Italian restaurant…when I realized zayn was infront of our table…. Abaay laykoon chaftny shasawee.. ri7t feeha.. a5af itfaker shay ‘3ala6.. akeed bitfaker ‘3ala6 ....gitlaha ina I was working in a project and now she saw me in an Italian restaurant with a girl…abaay shasawee …ana e7mar laish ma gitlaha ina my partner bint!!...I don’t want to lose sure she saw me.. 5an aroo7 asalim 3alayha 3ashan abayinlaha ina ana mo gam asawee shay gala6… oo I also can introduce her to my partner…bss a5af mat 9adig oo it3a9ib oo ti6la3…. ;s

“Linda I will come back now ..ill just go say hi to my friend and come back”

“sure but make it quick ..we need to finish” the blonde girl said

I stood up and went to their table… abaay shaklha em3a9ba..i can see it in her eyes.. a55 shes so cute when she;s angry…oo she looks amazing a comfortable tee shirt and jeans…. el 7een how do I explain!?

I went over at her table.... she was sitting alone..

“zain..hala 7abeebty”

Sudeenly I felt something hard hit my face… and saw zain waking away and telling me

“and say to Meera I left home!”

Zain percpective

Faj2a achoofa yalee eb kil beroood… oo la2 shigoool … hala 7abeebty!!.. wara kil hal chitheb itgooly 7abeebty…. I felt so angry ..remebering that he told me he loved me earlier today… I felt like paradise today.. I had a feeling like no other today..after I knew that he cared about me..and now he goes out with another girl.. and covers it up by saying he has a wonder im angry... i should've known that his kindness was too good to be true.... fire was building inside of me…. I was so frustrated and angry with him right now.. I had nothing to say to him… I couldn’t think anymore… so I just put my hands up in the air and slapped him so hard without thinking… I felt his face change to so many colors .. but I didn’t careless.. I grabbed my stuff and I walked out… when I went out the door I kept thinking..omg I just slapped a guy!!!..and booy that felt real good!!

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  1. this postt 3ajeeeeeeeeeb ! i realllyy liked it :D oo abt ur Q. sorry bss mafihamtt (A)

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  3. OMG! 7athech! i really wanna slap a guy haha;p!
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  4. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...ya7maraa!! offense.... i miss u moree..walla!!!!!...minzoman ma radaytay 3ala my emails or anything!!.. oo thnksss 4 the comment! ;**


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  12. Wow u guys are amazing and I like the idea that u all write in different posts and stuff and the best thing is u bring the perspective of both sides I like that keep it up it really good bs 7ram I'm sad for her and him ... Her cause she feels betraid and him cause ma'9loum ma saw a Shay bs he should of told her love u guys ;*