Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fling 5

Hii everyone..
this is Shushu btw :P:P
anyways.. I'll just jump to my dedication..

*This post is dedicated to O'10 6ab3an!
to my BF "F"
to all our lovely readers
and ofcourse to "The One"... I miss You

*Tara mu8adaman sorry la2ana a7is the post moo wayed 7ilo..
bas tara ams bideet fee w ams 5ala9ta.. w 7a9alt zaffa la2ana mwa9la 3ala the computer :P
anyways.. some of you might consider it cheesy > fa sorry..
and yes I agree .. 7adda wayed Romance for one day :p
Bas yes 6alla3t 7arrity shwaya b the "romantic shit"

Ilmuhem.. try your best to Enjoy!!! :)

PS: shoofaw the person;s perspective la2ana il kalam ily not in quotations is either the narration or the person's thoughts.. Hope its not too confusing XD


------Zaina's Perspective

I contemplated on whether I should listen to 3azeez or clear things up with Meera. Of course I didn't have to think about that a lot; since that melodic voice called me again.

"Zayoooon…" He called … Laish ismy 7ilo 3ala lsana?

"Hmm..." I replied, still mesmerized by the appeal of his voice.

"Wain ri7tay?? Ya3ny 5ala9 you don’t want to know? Kaifich…" He said while playing with my fingers and pouting... How do you expect me to be coherent at this moment??!!

"Shako I don’t want to know … Yalla gool please…" I stared at him with my puppy eyes and innocent expression.

--------- 3azeez's perspective

I finally gathered the courage to tell her about my feelings towards her. Wala I see her completely ignoring me and looking in the other direction!!! Ya3ny wain ga3deen!! I'm holding her hand and she's not even looking at me!! Ana wa7ed 3a9abt w za3alt w kaifha ihya 3ad…

"3azeeez yalla 5ala9 pleeeeeease goool…" She started using that whiny voice that I grew accustomed to; dalooo3a il bint.

"La2 khala9.. itha min awalha m6anshatny" I replied. Adry yahel... bas kint aby ashoof exactly what she was willing to do in order to satisfy her ligafa :p..

"3azoooooooooooooooooz... bala sa5afa!!!!" She almost screamed, and her voice was killing me! Okay... 3azeez remember what your goal is; do not tell her!! 6aferha!! Even if she said your name that way again.. Even if she has the most beautiful face ever. Even if she looks like an angel with her deep chocolate- brown eyes staring intently at you... 3azeeeeeeeez!!! Stay strong I repeated to myself over and over again.

"You know what! 5ala9 maby a3arf" she said. Oh god, she looks like she's about to cry... 7aram 5ala9 let me tell her...

I felt a slight tug on my hands as she was trying to get up… No way that's happening Zayoon!! Not now... not ever …

----- Zaina's Perspective

Umbeee shHal mala8a ya3ny?? Bas 3ashan sira7t shwaya y3a9iB!!.. Kaifa 5ala9, I'm leaving this place.. I realized that my hands were still in his.. I was honestly surprised ina I didn't even mind. It felt so natural and "right". I tried freeing my hand from his, but he only tightened his grip on my hand.. Ouch!! It's starting to hurt!!
"Ayyyy… 3awartny" I exclaimed while sitting down again.

"Mno galich tis7ibeen eedich" he chuckled evilly.

"La ti'67ak 3alay!!" I said and complained some more about how he has to be more gentle.

"I'm sorry.. ma kan 8a9dy a3awrich.. bas ana ma 5ala9t kalamy wala bideeta a9lan" he said tenderly.

"…." 7aram he looks sincere.

"Do you want me to make it up to you??" He said with a devilish grin.

"Ya3ny shlon you make it up to me?? Will you invent a time machine or what exactly??" I said while raising my eyebrow at him challengingly.

"Tshoofeen" He replied while pulling my chair closer to his. 6ab3an hatha using only one hand while the other hand still held BOTh of my hands hostages. Ya3ny no running away..

"3azeez …" I began before trailing off….

------ 3azeez'z perspective

I honestly couldn’t resist it. Her hands were so tiny and white compared to mine. I think she said something bas madry shno. I started lightly pecking her finger tips. One after another, I finished from one hand and moved on to the next. W lastly I settled with a kiss on her wrist; I let my lips linger there for a while, as I took in her scent. Vanilla, my favorite, with a slight whiff of floral; madry shlon I describe it bas it was amazing. 3azeez chinnik ma9a5tha... I think I should stop kissing the girl la2ana I can feel her heart palpitations increase by the second. It did take all the self-control I had to stop kissing her soft, delicate hands; and I did stop, finally!

Rifa3t rasy w I looked into her eyes… and my god how beautiful her eyes are.
Her eyes were my refuge; whenever I looked into them I would feel all the tension in my body disappear and all my problems start to seem negligible. They were round and deep like an ocean, and her eyelashes were tall and thick and they rimmed her eyes in the most amazing way. But what made her eyes even more alluring were all the emotions that were displayed there at the moment.

"Zaina.." I tried saying..
"Zayoooona "

Mako fayda il bnaya b 3alam thany… a5af z3alat miny… 9ij iny 7mar… ya3ny ma tigdar ta9ber??!! Lazem tboosHa il7eeen!!??

"Zayooona…. Zayoonty please ridday 3alay" I tried once more.

---------- Zaina's Perspective

Ok... so I think I'm dreaming. You see it's just a theory because I'm imagining IMPOSSIBLE things. One: he kissed my hand. Two: he is so close to me right now that I can smell his cologne.

"….. Zayoonty please ridday 3alay" he said.

Oh shit!! Now I'm positive that I'm dreaming. He just called me Zayoonty… which means I'm HIS Zayoona. But how can that be?? He doesn’t even love me, or does he??!! Now I'm definitely freaking out!!

"Zayoooooooon!!!" He screamed this time.

"Bsmilla!! Shfeek 5ara3tny!!" I replied slightly startled.

"I'm sorry Zayoon walla asif!! Ma kan 8a9dy…" He replied quickly with regret masking his face.

"…" I was honestly speechless. Ya3ny shagoola?? Don't be sorry I enjoyed every single moment of it??.

"Zayooon please ridday 3alay… walla it won’t happen again!! I'm so sorry wallah!!" He continued. 7aram shakla yakser il 5a6er.

"Bas 3ndy 6alab…" I said with a victorious smile.

"Amray… 3yoony lich" He said gallantly. Awwww, ya7leela… Tislam 3yoonik 7abeeby I almost said.

"Aby a3arf shno kint taby tgool" I said while holding in my laugh.

"Bas chithee… 7a'6er" he said while flashing his pearly teeth at me, and winking. God help me!!!!!!!

"Garbay…" He ordered with a wide smile, and I obeyed instantly – since the ligafa was killing me by now.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. He kept leaning in closer and closer until I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks. He looked into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity, and all my insides screamed: I LOVE YOU! How can he expect my body to function properly with him being so close? Moreover, WTH is he so close?? Please don’t tell me he's going to kiss me!! I don't think my heart can endure that, too.

I think he saw my horrified expression because he moved his head to the left a bit and leaned in even closer. His lips were touching my ears now which caused my heart to go into a crazy fit. What is he trying to do to me??!! I sat there for a while just listening to his rhythmic breathing. Then again, his angelic voice magically found its way to my eardrums.

"Leel7een tabeen t3arfeen" He said with humor filling his voice.

"Ee…" I nodded back with all the strength I had.

"Hmm…" He said, trying to test my patience. After a while he continued…
"Tadreen shkithir a7ibich Zayoon?...." he whispered into my ears, causing the wild butterflies in my stomach to wake up and my whole body to shiver.

"Madry" I gulped. Apparently he found my reply funny because I heard his chest rumble as he tried to hide his laugh.

"A7ibich." He replied, with such sincerity that my eyes began to water. "Let's just keep it at that" he added, and with that he started to move back to his place.

To explain how I felt at that moment is merely impossible. The man of my dreams just confessed his love to me. No words can ever explain how ecstatic I was, and no one can ever claim to be happier than me. I was simply on cloud 9.

"I love you, too." I replied bidoon ma a7is b nafsy, and although it was almost a whisper I knew that he heard it. His eyes widened as he took in what I just said, and a breath-taking smile found its way to his face.

"Goolay walla!!!" He screamed with excitement. 7abeeby shakla chinna yahel!

"3azeeeez… lower your voice, moo lazem kilman yisma3!" I told him with a chuckle.

"Ma yhimny!! 5al yismi3oon!! Zayooon, 9ij t7ibeeny??..." He asked as he moved his chair closer again until it collided with mine.

"Ee 9ij 3azeez…" I said in a low voice while bushing w nazalt rasy.

"7abeebat 3azeez intay" he replied gleefully. "6al3eeny Zayoon" he softly added.

Rifa3t rasy w I looked into his eyes, and what I saw there was enough for me. His eyed radiated with happiness and told me just how much this man loves me. Our eyes shared a private moment as they exchanged all the feelings of love that they had hidden in the past. Just then, his mobile rang interrupting the most passionate and blissful moment of my life.

"Moo wagtek!!" He exclaimed almost actually angry with the phone.

"Hehe.. 3azeez rid, yimkin its important." I said while laughing at his expression.

"Aloo.." he answered the phone and continued talking while still looking at me. I didn’t really listen to the rest of the conversation because I was too busy taking in all his features, from his arched eyebrows, to his hazel eyes, perfect nose, delectable lips, and lastly his defined jaw. Again, his voice forced me back to reality.

"Zayoon!" He called me in a sad tone.

"Shfeek 3azeez?" I replied questioningly.

"I'm sorry walla! Kint aby ag3ad wiyach ilyoom bas rfeejy tawwa dag 3alay w
tithakart ina 3indy project wiya w lazem a5al9a." He guiltily said.

"3azeez min 9ijik! 3adee, roo7 w 5ali9 your project… We can always get together tomorrow or any other time" I replied with a smile.

"9ij Zayoon!!.. Ya3ny moo za3lana?" He asked with concern.

"La2!" I answered automatically.

"7abeebty!" He said lovingly. "3ayal yalla goomay 5al awa9lich gabel ma aroo7." He continued.

We left the coffee shop and I insisted on taking a taxi back. So, being the gentleman he is, he hauled one for me, made sure I'm safe and then closed the door. As soon as the taxi moved, laffeet wayhee walla ashoofa wagef b mukana gam y6ali3ny. I kept looking at him until he was out of my sight. Then I sat properly and thought him, my 3azeez, with a smile plastered on my face all along.

The ride in the taxi was a quiet one if you disregard all the horns and the sounds of the engines working. My mind was working strenuously on saving all the details of today. I prayed and hoped that this is just the beginning of my "love story" and that 3azeez will be mine forever. The driver's croaked voice suddenly interrupted my train of thoughts.

"Excuse me… can you repeat what you just said" I said, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry but I'm an old man and I can't really remember where exactly the building is" He replied with a sad smile.

"Umm…" Madry shagoola… ana ma adel mukan hny! Mako '3eer adig 3ala 3azeez.

"Don't worry about it; I'll just call my friend and he'll refresh your memory" I continued with a reassuring smile.

"Thank you" He said, genuinely happy. Ya7leela 7adda yshaweg, in a grandpa way of course.

I rummaged through my bag trying to look for mobile with no luck. I think I forgot it in my other bag. Shit!!

"I'm sorry, but I don’t have a phone with me right now" I told him sorrowfully.

"It's okay, you can use mine" He said as he handed over an aged phone.

I punched in the numbers like an expert, even though I never really called him, bas 7ifa'6t ra8ma min awal yoom 3a6any iya. :P

"Aloo.." came in his manly voice..

"Alo…" I answered back with a smile.

"Zaina!! Shfeech??!! W hatha ra8am mno!!" He said quickly!

"Shfeek 3azeez I'm okay… bas the taxi driver is lost shwaya fa I took his phone to call you… ba3dain shlon 3araftny?" I said baffled by the way he immediately recognized my voice.

"Shlon ma a3arfich?! Cham Zayoon 3ndy?" He replied. Of course you can guess ina I turned into a million shades of red and pink and burgundy.

"Hehe.. la 9ij!! Your reply was fast ya3ny shlon dareet?" I asked with the curiosity burning in me.

"Min il 'aloo' maltich" he laughed.

"Laish ti'67ak!! Shfeeha il 'alo' malty inshallah?" I replied with mock anger.

"Mafeeha shay baba… Hmmm.. il 'aLoo' maltich special.. even though I only heard it for a couple of times bas I can tell it apart min one thousand aloos." He said.

"Ya3ny shlon… ma fahamt!" It was honestly a weird comment to me. Ya3ny my 'alo' is normal.

"Madry shlon bas its different.. ya3ny its girly w short w mysterious.. It’s just special" He said after thinking shwaya…

"Hehe.." Was all I could say at the moment. Ya3ny laish I have to ask him wayed ashya2??!! Lazem afashel roo7y?!!

"Are you okay back there? Or is the phone line not working?" The taxi driver interrupted our silence. Maskeen niseet 3anna!!!!!

"No I'm fine … just give me one second please!" I replied quickly, and to 3azeez I said: "3azeez please kallim il rayyal .. fashla…"

"Okay 3a6eeny ya …" He said, and I gave the phone to the driver. They talked for a while and before I knew it, I was in front of our building. I thanked the driver and headed to my dorm room, with a smile refusing to leave my face.


W bas :P:P
Hope u liked it
w miss you guys


  1. SHUSHU!!!! The post 7ADDAA 3ajeeeeb mashallaa!! Walla I loved it;*;D
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  5. HI!!!!!! OMG Shushu its PERFECT,, i have to find hal 3azeez;p madrii where the hell i will find him;Pp bs 3ad lets hope he exisit!!

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