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Summer Fling 9

Hey everyone, this is F. I just wanted to tell you inna this is the first time i write, other than for english class. My friend R told me inna its perfect, oo i should post it early 3ashan you all read :D plz tell me if it needs any improvement!!

oo i almost forgot. I want to dedicate this 7ag o10, toota, rumrum, oo dumdum.

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“mashkoora inich ri'6aitay inich it8ableenii “3azeez said politely

“la makoo moshkila bas yarait tid5al bil maw'6oo3 ibser3a” Meera said in a nervous tone which made 3azeez relies it.

“ok ana madrii ishloon abdii bas 7abait agoolich 8i9ity ma3a zaina 3ashan itsa3deeeni l2na intay agrab wa7da 7ag zaina”.

They both stayed silent for 10 seconds

3azeez continued “zaina mat3arif a7ad ib London 8airii ana ma3ach.

”“gool 8i9itik ana asmi3ik oo 7aba asa3dik imbayen ink 5oosh wa7ed oo zaina tistahil.

”“bagoolich il8i9a min il bidaya” 3azeez said


Zaina continued her walk to her class, drinking her caramel macchiato, as she enjoyed the peaceful nature around her. She thought about how 3aziz played on her and how he treated her like the other girls. She was just one of them to him, she thought. She did not believe how incredibly stupid she was for falling in love with him and his lies, even though she heard her girlfriends, back in Kuwait, saying that nearly every Kuwaiti guy was just a player and was just looking for some fun, but deep down in her heart she just knew that 3azeez was not lying to her but in fact he was head over heels for her.

When Zaina went to grab the door of the building – where her class was- she was surprised by an empty and peaceful hallway. To her this was weird, because usually at this time it was like a circus in here. She power walked towards the door of her mo7a'6ara, eager to find out what's happening. There, she found a letter tapped to the door. It was written by her professor, in which he wrote that class was canceled for today. she read the note like a 100 times la2ana lail7een moo gadra tistaw3ib inna today's off. Oo since it was a Friday, she thought about having a good, long relaxing weekend, which included some good old shopping and relaxing by the pool at her apartment's building.

She skipped out of the building thinking about what shes going to do to keep her self busy until 2:30, the time shes going to meet her "friend". Nothing came to mind. Nothing to do because it was currently 11:am and was a little too early to do some shopping. She thought about going back to the apartment, bas it was empty, Meera had early sessions. The only thing that came to mind was going back to Starbucks, drink more coffee –even though she hates it- and read fashion magazines.

During the walk back to Starbucks, Zaina started making a list of the things she would do during the weekend and they all included Meera. She wanted to bond with her, because after all they were "roomies".

She entered Starbucks and couldn’t move her feet. She did not believe what was happening right in front of her. 3azeez, the love of her life –even though they were at a rough patch right now- was hugging Meera, her roomy. She gasped and cried right there, in front of everyone's stares and weird looks. She didn’t care, all she saw was 3azeezs smile and Meeras hands on his back.


Ana gilt 7ag Meera kil il 8i9a ily bany oo bain zayoona oo ihya she agreed inna shell try to make zain understand inna Linda was just a partner oo inna he was not 2 timing her. He really loves her, he would kill himself if she asked him to. Fa before he left he hugged Meera, because she would be the person to bring Zaina back to him, oo to his surprise she hugged him too. During the "hugging session", he heard a loud gasp and sobs. Everyone in the restaurant turned toward the source. Willa before my eyes I see zaina, zayoonti crying oo wiping her tears. I walked toward her, but before I reached her she ran out the door and into the daylight sun. I tried running after her, but she was nowhere to be seen.


I ran out of there as fast as I can. I cant believe Meera would do that to me oo I kind of wasn’t surprised to see 3azeez in that situation because after all I did see him 2 timing me in the fancy Italian restaurant.

I ran as fast as I could but to nowhere in particular. I had no one oo I couldn’t go back to the apartment 3azeez might be there oo definitely Meera too, trying to erag3oon 7ag nafishom.

Then I remembered Amber, this girl I meet during a shopping spree. She was half s3oody oo half British. She lived with her mother in London since her father has another wife bil s3oodiya. She speaks very good Arabic oo too me that’s a relief because I can chat with her in Arabic oo it reminds me of home.

I walked to ambers house oo to my luck she was having a party. I was very hesitant to go in, even though I was invited – oo ba3ad she told me to bring some friends, I was going to ask Meera ib the Italian restaurant, bas with the whole 3zeez situation I forgot-. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Amber. I hugged her soo tight, she sensed something was wrong 00 took me too the pool house –away from the noise- to find out what was going on. I cried my heart out and told her everything with 3azeez and Meera from point A to Z.

" Don’t worry honey, u have me now. You can sleep here in my guest/pool house for as long as you need. And don’t worry tmw ill make u forgot all about aziz and Meera. You'll have fun." Amber said.

" thank u, thank u, thank u soo much you’re an amazing friend to have. Oo ba3ad I'm sorry I barged in like that, but I had nowhere else to go" said Zaina.

"its ok, your practically family, u can stay in as much as u want to" Amber said.

Soo Zaina stayed with Amber for 5 days, and during those 5 days 3azeez went crazy looking everywhere for Zaina. Meera on the other hand, did look around but did not care as much as 3azeez did.

5 days later……….

Zaina returned to her apartment at night, 3amdan 3ashan she wouldn’t face Meera – she was probably sleeping right now-. She entered her apartment, went straight to her room dropped her things wore her gap pullover with leggings and uggs. It was a little chilly outside since winter was coming. She went to this playground near her apartment and sat on the swings all alone, looking up at the sky, and thinking about her descions she made about her love live. After all she was in love with 3azeez for 4 years and when he confessed his live to her, she was on cloud 9.

A tear fell from Zainas eye as she remembered the most magical moment in her life. When suddenly a hand reaches out from the darkness and wipes her tear away. Straight away she knew who it was, just from the scent – fierce min A&F.


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summer fling 8

Heeey this is R:D
I dedicate this post 7ag kill o10 oo especially m oo F oo n … 7adii I miss you guys oo I hope to see you soon . oo 7ag all the lovely readers .
tara I wrote this post 7ada ibser3a cause gabel ams radait il Kuwait bilail oo ams was my b-day fa I didn’t have time fa please sam7oonii itha feeh typeos .. Sorry its shwaya short.


Akeed ga3ada itgi9 3alay law 9ij she had someone in her life chan galatly bil wagt ily kina feeh friends.. I have to do something 3ashan iitridly …


I am falling in love with him why did I lie about this stupid ring everything could’ve gone back to normal after he apologized 7adii ‘3abiya kint lazim atfalsaf ya3nii…

The next day

“Where did I put her number?” aziz told himself

“ooh kahoo “ aziz said
Let me call her before I change my mind.

“6ooo6 6oo6 aloo “ meera answered

“hii ana aziz refeej zaina 3arafteenii “ aziz said

“eeh 3araftik tabii zaina “

“laa laa mabii zaina oo mabii zaina tadri iny ga3da a7acheech “ aziz said

Aziz was getting his thoughts organized while meera was holding the phone and talking to herself aloud “hatha mo 3abala ina yigdar egi9 3alay mithil maga9 3ala zayoon ana tara mob sahla eeeh mo 3abala 3ashan ohwa 7ilw yigdar 3ala kil ilbanat “ aziz heard her and so he cleared his voice to remind her that he is still on the line with her .

“meera agdar ashoofich bacher ib 5ooo9o9 zaina “ 3azeez asked

“ la magdar 3aib matist7ee ana tara mo 3abalik iny sahla ..” she said angerly

Aziz replied “ 3afwan i5t meera 3an il8ala6 ana 8a9dii shareef oo 7ab a8ablich ib5i9oo9 zaina ur roommate fa atemana itfakreen ishwaya.”

Meera thought to her self that their might be something going on since zaina left the restaurant last night without telling her. And zaina wasn’t normal yesterday.

Meera agreed to meet 3azeez at 12 in starbucks he told her that zaina should not know about anything.

At 12 azeez went to starbucks to meet meera .

While he was waiting for his order he sat on a table. 3azeez stared at the door waiting for meera.

After 5 minutes surprisingly zaina entered 3azeez got confused and glanced back and forth at her he couldn’t believe his eyes . zaina went straight to the man to order while 3azeez was still looking at her . Two minutes later meera entered and walked straight up to 3azeez and she didn’t relies that zaina was standing their ordering. As soon as azeez saw meera coming toward him her started pointing at zaina so that meera would relies and stop. But meera didn’t get it and continued walking toward him. azeez got up from his seat and walked to a table that is blocked by a wall. Meera followed him to that table.

“ishwayeb zaina? “ 3azeez asked meera angerly .

“haw zaina da7een 3indaha class..” meera replied

“ imbala zaina ihnii please roo7ay latshoofna I’ll talk to you later.” Azeez said in a hurry.
Meera went to zaina

“Zayoon intay mo 3indich class now?” meera asked

“eeh I have a class now kanii ba5ith my drink oo baroo7.” Zaina replied

“mm mita e5ali9 ur class?” asked meera

“At 2”

“Sorry meera bas I have to go now I’m already late!!” zaina said in a hurry running toward the door.

“ra7 takleen bil bait ?”meera asked quickly before zaina was out of the door .

Zaina turned her face and yelled “no I have to meet a friend”.

Meera went back to 3azeez and told him that zaina is on her way to her class and she won’t be out until 2.

“mashkoora inich rithaitay inich it8ableenii “3azeez said politly

“la makoo moshkila bas yarait tid5al bil maw6’oo3 ibser3a” meera said in a nervous tone which made 3azeez relies it.

“ok ana madrii ishloon abdii bas 7abait agoolich 8i9ity ma3a zaina 3ashan itsa3deeeni l2na intay agrab wa7da 7ag zaina”.

They both stayed silent for 10 seconds

3azeez continued “zaina mat3arif a7ad ib London 8airii ana ma3ach.”

“gool 8i9itik ana asmi3ik oo 7aba asa3dik imbayen ink 5oosh wa7ed oo zaina tistahil.”

“bagoolich il8i9a min il bidaya” 3azeez said

end of post . xD

hope you enjoyed it..:P

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Numbers Lining Up on the 7th August

Tomorrow at 12:34:56 the numbers will line up :D

12 (hours) : 34 (minutes) : 56 (seconds) 7 (day) / 8 (month) / 09 (year)

12:34:56 AM on the 7th of august 2009

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience... XD


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Summer Fling 7

This is Mrs.Cj;*
Wallah I know inna you guys expect something 7addiii I had a really hard time writing this la2ana I'm not really good ib pleeeease sam7ooniii...;$
Ee w tara I know il font faj2a yit'3ayyar ib the la2ana I was writing this really fast..w 7addi I have to go ba3d shway;S

-o10;* You guys can't BELIEVE how much I miss you;* 7addii abii ashoofkum when I'm back;) I miss you so so much!
-G and H;* You guys have made my summer ENTERTAINING with your funny e-mails and "advice"..and G...I love how your feelings were true;) Thank yo 7adda;* You guys 9ej made my 3ajeeb;) AAAAAAAAAH....i still can't believe what happened yesterday!!!
-Everone else: ENJOY!!!;*
Zayn's POV

What a freaking-


"3azeez! Stay the HELL away from me!"

I was furious! I kept on walking towards...nothing really...

"Zayn will you just hear me out?" he grabbed my hand and I tried to let go but I couldn't. He held me by my arm and stared at me with furious eyes.

We stayed like that for 10 seconds..just staring in to each other's eyes..

I decided since he was not gonna let go, I'd listen to knt ra7 a5sir shay really...

"WHAT?!" I screamed a little too loud..people were starting to stare.

"Awwal shay..5ffay 9outich..3aib"

WHAT? Ana yahil ygoolii chithii?!

"3azeez...get to your point please!"

"You misunderstood kl shay.." he started off with a frown..

"Ok awwal shay! Mno hathii? Ba3dain wait wait wait..inta you-"

"Zayn...LISTEN! 5aleenii akammil.."


"THAT was a girl from my class. She's my partner in this class..we're working together for a project.."

"Really 3azeez? At a fancy restraunt?"

"We needed a break..."

"Why do I find it so hard to believe?"

He looked at me like I just told him someone died, he looked so..

" have to believe me..."

"I can't.."

By that time, he had let me go..and I just walked away..trying to go home...


3azeez's POV

She left me standing there: speechless. How can she not trust me like that? After I opened my heart to her, and after I told her that I loved her

A week passed by, and I was so depressed..nothing was going right...

Zayn hadn't talked to me..and I felt that my world was falling apart..

One morning I decided to go to Starbucks for breakfast..just before my first class started..and....
in walked Zayn as I was sitting down...thinking about her.

Zayn's POV

Oh my god, he looked gorgeous!
He looked so can he pull off looking so....?
and I find it so difficult to just get up in the morning

He walked in with wearing his Abercrombie jeans and T-shirt..with his ray-ban sunglasses and amazing smile on his face...

but when he saw me...he turned that smile upside down and looked away...

When he took his order..he unexpectadly came over...

"Zayn..we really need to talk..I need to make things clear.."

"So do I..."

"Ok..first..that girl was my partner..I didn't tell you it was a girl..la2ana 5ft inna you get angry w chithii, w wallah I'm so sorry!! La2ana I had just told you that I love you, w ma knt abeech you get the wrong idea 3annii."

We stayed silent for a while, I looked down at my hand and started playing with my ring..that ring. the one that-

3azeez interupted my thoughts...

"Zayn shfeech?"

"Mm..I wasn't completley honest with you.."


"Umm..laman you told me that you loved me..wallah 3azeez moo 3an shay..i really like a7is we're moving too fast..especially because.."

I stayed was I going to tell him?

"Too fast?"

"ee..ya3nii inta marra wa7da you told me that you loved me..ya3nii..i'm not that kind of can't just..fall in love without knowing the person.."

"zayn but i know you...we've hung out a million times before.."

"yes's not's just..madrii..a7is we're going too fast...and I..."

"you what??"

"I have someone..that"

"someone? what do you mean?"

" I have to spell it out for you?! I met this guy when I was vacationig last summer, and we started
going out..he told me that he loved me and gave me this ring!" I pointed at the ring on my hand.

"He told me it was a promise ring that he would always love're..kind of's this long
distance relationship.."

I could tell that he was getting angry...

"Ya3nii ana fahim mn kalamich inna ohwa moo kwaitii or even 3arabii?"

"american actually.." I smiled with satisfaction...

"Zayn,...yannaytay intay?"

"Are you calling me crazy 3azeez?"

"YES!" he screamed...

"WOW! iyee mnnik akthar.." I whispered and got up to leave...

"Zayn listen to me.."

"how many times have you said that 3azeez..listen to me?! is that all that you've got really?"

He got closer when I said that.closer and closer..

Now..I could smell his cologne ..his breath...

"No.." he answered slowly and quietly..

His mesmerizing eyes brown eyes were staring into mine...

"It's not all that I've got.." garrab near me akthar..w that was it! kan agrab ma ygdar...

"Zayn..listen to me.."

He put his hands on my cheeks...and kissed one of my cheeks..


SHIT! I can't think of legs felt like noodles..

"whether you like it or's not going to change..."

He put his hands through my hair and-oh my god what is he trying to do?

"Nothing will change my feelings can tell me that you hate me a million times won't change
anything. you are the most amazing person i've met. i love you for who you are on the inside..and no one
can change that..i'd never have feelings for any other are-"
that's when he got closer to my lips..and i realized we were in the middle of starbucks..but no one was staring..
because kna not in kuwait obviously..thank god..
i wanted to push him away but i couldnt...

" are the most beautiful person i have ever seen..from the inside and out,,"

He was breathing heavely..and that's when he kissed me...

I pulled away as fast as I could..

"I have to go.." i whispered..and I left that place as quickly as possible..realizing that what i told 3azeez was
the complete opposite of what i was feeling...

I was falling in love..with him.

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W la tjamloon! o10 you know inna ma a7ib mojamalat...just tell me the truth;P hehe!


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Summer Fling (6)

Hii!!... this is M;****

Srry i didn't post earlier but i had the wrong username ;p;p ....

Okay so this is dedicated to ever whom is reading and thnks 4 reading ;p..
... oo 6ab3an its dedicated to 010 ;D ... and to the Cow that is desperately missing me ..; p

I also just opened my own blog recently... oo if anyone can tell me how i can add it to scarlet lights.. that would be a pleasure ;D


Okay 3a6eeny ya …" He said, and I gave the phone to the driver. They talked for a while and before I knew I t, I was in front of our building. I thanked the driver and headed to my dorm room, with a smile refusing to leave my face.

I was just walking towards my room, with a big smile across my face, I must look ridiculous but I just can’t snap out of it… all the thoughts are rushing through my brain at once

Meera came over to zain…starring at her suspiciously..

“zain eshfeech?”

Suddenly I snapped out of it.. ifffffff kila it5arib my special moments!!!

“ma feeny shay!.. intay eshfeech?”... I mean im fine..maybe something is wrong with her really.. shes weird… why don’t I invite her to dinner ?!..i hardly know her..and I want to get to know her better.. im practically spending all my time with 3azeez.. I got to make new friends don’t I?!

“haw?..intay chiftay nafsech elyoum bel cafe… eshkintay ga3ada itsaween..wat was that all about!?”

“Meera mali 5ilg plzz 7adee day5a…anyways..tabeen el youm inroo7 nit3asha ma3aba3th!? Oo ehnaak 7acheeny”.. I felt like I was avoiding her lately..

“sure..i was just about to ask u the same question!” she said pleasingly

“okay then”.. I smiled back..she doesn’t seem that bad after all..

“I think ill take a nap now im exhausted… if im not awake by 6:30,,please gawmeeny!!?..k?”.. I said politely …walla I was tired after what I heard today… I mean a boy and not any boy …3azeez told me he loves me!! ;O

“inshalla..byeee gd night” …

“byeee”..and I went straight to my room and shut the door,..I wore my comfortable pj’s… and set the alarm clock to wake me up at 6:30 and laid down in my bed…I kept thinking about 3azeez over and over again… I kept thinking about the way he touched me…the way he kissed me .. the way he said a7ibech!.. just thinking about him gave me the chills..i couldn’t be happier… I mean from all the beautiful girls out there.. he picked me.. he really picked me!!..i really don’t know why cuz im so average and embarrassing at times… but oh well I guess im lucky….ZZZZzzzzzz


Meera and I were walking towards a restaurant..we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant..while walking and talking about our studies and stuff…I felt that any minute now she’ll bring up the story about me and 3azeez… I swear I miss my friends in Kuwait…I feel our conversations r less boring… but after all I have to get to know her better… im sure she is a sweet fun person…while Meera was blabbing… suddenly I saw 3azeez…at the other side of the street.. I felt like my heart stopped… and I became so nervous and my hands started sweating.. whats wrong with me!?… I saw him today and I was just fine.. I guess after he told me that he loves me and all… I became more nervous around him… did he see me !?.. should I walk towards him!?.. or should I make myself as if I didn’t see him!?.. I can hear Meera in the background still talking!

“Zain Zain!!” Meera broke in an irritaited tone!


“Zain intay ga3ada tismi3eeny!?”

“Zaiiiiiiiiiiiin!!” 3azeeez voice broke into excitement after he saw me from the other side of the street..

Meera was just staring at me ..with an unreadable expression!.. but me I just broke into a huge smile...when I heard his voice!…

Suddenly he was crossing the street… quickly..what is he crazy!?.. the walk sign is red.. which
means cars could pass by any minute now its green light for them… why can’t he wait till it’s safe for him to cross over!?.. ow well I guess there isn’t any cars nearby… while 3azeez is hurrying to cross the street to get over here…a huge truck came by..and I dotn know how it happened but in a blink of an eye 3azeez was lying in the rough streets of England… and my heart stopped…I broke into tears… I felt like a waterfall was coming through my eyes.. but I have to do something.. what do I do!!?

“3azeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!”.. I ran to him while soaking with tears!!..ombay wayha ey5ari3.. he is covered with blood shasawee.. “la 3azeez goooooom .. 3azeeez gooooooooooooom/!!!”

“3azeeez..tisma3ny!? ..3azeeeez!!!...”

“I think we should call the ambulance maam”… said the driver of the truck that hit 3azeez

“u ! idiot !!..what have u done!?..of course call the ambulance and the police now!!”

“Zain ZAinnnn!!”.. Meera said in a determined manner

“What now!?”… el 7een kil hatha 9ayer..5al itsa3idy bedal la it7in oo it2atheeny...9ij hal bint itbo6 el chabd.. I placed my ears in 3azeeez chest to see if his heart is still beating..

“zaaaaaaaaaain” Meera continued!

Then I felt my eye open..and saw Meera up close…waking me up…….

I went straight to hugging meera!!..

“please pinch me!”

Meera did wat she asked for

.....“oww ..not that hard …Thank God it’s just a dream!!”

“whats wrong zain!?” Meera looked concerned

“I had the most horrible dream..bss ashwa inech ga3ateeny... thnks”

“no problem… inzayn tabeen water shay!?”

“la 5ala9 im fine!”… omg wat kind of dream is this!?.. it is the worst dream I ever had!!!..i have to go see 3azeeez now!

“3ayal yala goomay libsay!.. im starving” Meera complained

“k kany”

I headed towards my closet and picked out any t-shirt and a light colored jeans…I rapidly tied my hair into a bun…I didn’t care how I looked I was too busy thinking… I kept thinking omg..what an awful dream..what does it mean!?.. I could never lose 3azeeez..never ever!!.. I mean I hope he is alright now!!..i truly truly love this boy…I got so attached to him these past few days!

So I decided to call 3azeez..

6ooo6 6ooo6… he did not answer!

Let me try again… 6oo6 6oo6

“aloo” 3azeez finally spoke

“hi”..abaay im so relieved to hear his voice

“Hala 7abeebty!?...3asa ma shar ..feech shay?!”

“laa.. I just had a horrible dream about u… oo kint bachayik if ur okay?”

“la el 7imdiallah feeny 7ateen”

“shaklik mash8ool?”

“ee I still didn’t finish my project im still working on it..”

“aha k 3ayal… yala byee..take care”

“u too..byeee”

“yala 5ala9tay zaain!?” Meera called out ..

“ha ee kany kany!”… i grabbed my oversized bag and headed out the door

“inzayn ay ma63am tabeena inroo7!?” Meera asked

“mmm… madree anything but not Chinese!” really anything but Chinese..i don’t want to
remember that horrible dream again

“k… mishtahya Italian restaurant.. hatha ely 3al zawya”

“k that sounds good to me” ..anyways I like Italian

We decided to walk to the restaurant…it was few blocks away… and it was just 7:15 pm and the sun is still not down. While walking towards our destination… Meera starting talking about uni and the courses she took and asked me a few questions… and I was waiting for her to pop out the question about me and sure she’ll investigate. Well she did when we were nearly arriving at the restaurant..i guess she didn’t ask me too early so it doesn’t seem like shes devastated or something..

“inzayn el youm esalfetech..bel cafĂ©.. falling for a guy…walla 3a6ayty wayh zayid 3an lizoom!?”

“Meera 7abeebty ..tara ana mo ray7a feeha.. ana ma a36y wayh ay a7ad… oo I know wat im doing… ya3ne hatha 3azeez ey3arifny 3adel ana oo ahly… oo he helped me a lot. .. oo he is a good guy trust me.. oo ba3dayn kan yabe yegooly shay bss..”

“k whatever u say so…bss I want u to be careful..that’s all!”

"k thanks for ur concern!"

We arrived at the restaurant… we went in… there were lots of people..i thought we were too early it seems not..

We sat down on a table… then Meera started talking again

“isn’t this ur 3azeez..sitting right over there!?”


“right behind our table..choofay warach!”

Meera was pointing at a table behind me..i couldn’t see cuz I gave my back to them and Meera was facing them… so I decided to look over my shoulder.. im sure she’s mistaken 3azeez with somebody else…..i just called him he was working on his project or did he finish!?
I looked over or there was this beautiful blonde girl… with blue eyes facing somebody.. I looked over or yes it was 3azeeez.. facing this mysterious girl…. Wat the hell!?... im sure he has an explaination for this!?... but why did he tell me he was working on a project… why!? … Meera was right!!... why did I fall for a guy I hardly knew…laish 3a6ayta wayh .. I felt that any minute now I will burst into tears.. el 7een shagool 7ag Meera.. this is the guy that I trusted....this is the guy that I was smooching with early today… laish esawee feeny chithy eyfashelny jidam el 3alam… laish ga9 3alay !?... I was swallowing the pain.. I was such a fool for fulling for his tricks…

“hatha 3azeez 9a7!?” Meera confidently stated

“ha ..9a7 tithakart galee beroo7 wiya his classmate this Italian restaurant to discuss
something about uni”… what a lie!!...bss ma kint abee yinga9 wayhy.. after I told her that he was such a good guy ….well now i know he's more like a jerk ...

“ee ya7layla he tells u honest!?”

“ee” I put on a fake smile..

“inzayn roo7ay salmay 3alayhom”

“la ba3dayn..i don’t want to bother them while they r working”


We ordered food and all.. and Meera starting talking..and I just put on a fake smile here and there.. I could hear 3azeez in the back talking to her in his brisitsh accent…the accent that I love..he used his freakish accent on another girl..well I guess she cant talk Arabic bss still ba6 chabdee…I just wanted to go straight up to him and slap him on the face…. and get out of the restaurant and never see him again…. This would be my dream come true…but this would be more scarier than the dream I had..

“baro7 el 7amam ebser3a”

“k…”.. im sure shes bored with me since im not paying any attention to her!

Ohh No!! 3azeez is coming towards me…what now …another lie!? ;@

3azeez percpective

Kint ga3ed asawee project with my partner that the professor have chosen for me… ya3nee she is a girl partner...5ift agool 7ag zayn she’ll freak out … fa my partner kanat yo3ana..fa ri7na Italian restaurant.. oo gilt nakil oo in kamil our discussion… faj2a dagat 3alay zayn…maskeena ek9irat 5a6ry… kanat it 7ateeny bcuz she had a horrible dream… kint ba6aferha oo agoolaha la gimtay it7ateen …i wanted to tease her..i was sooo happy and excited that she cares about me…. I was a lucky man to have someone like her to care about me… but I couldn’t take long ..i had to make the conversation short...cuz I want to finish this project as soon as possible… I had it with this project… and i dont even like my partner ...she's so cocky… So we were doing our project in this Italian restaurant…when I realized zayn was infront of our table…. Abaay laykoon chaftny shasawee.. ri7t feeha.. a5af itfaker shay ‘3ala6.. akeed bitfaker ‘3ala6 ....gitlaha ina I was working in a project and now she saw me in an Italian restaurant with a girl…abaay shasawee …ana e7mar laish ma gitlaha ina my partner bint!!...I don’t want to lose sure she saw me.. 5an aroo7 asalim 3alayha 3ashan abayinlaha ina ana mo gam asawee shay gala6… oo I also can introduce her to my partner…bss a5af mat 9adig oo it3a9ib oo ti6la3…. ;s

“Linda I will come back now ..ill just go say hi to my friend and come back”

“sure but make it quick ..we need to finish” the blonde girl said

I stood up and went to their table… abaay shaklha em3a9ba..i can see it in her eyes.. a55 shes so cute when she;s angry…oo she looks amazing a comfortable tee shirt and jeans…. el 7een how do I explain!?

I went over at her table.... she was sitting alone..

“zain..hala 7abeebty”

Sudeenly I felt something hard hit my face… and saw zain waking away and telling me

“and say to Meera I left home!”

Zain percpective

Faj2a achoofa yalee eb kil beroood… oo la2 shigoool … hala 7abeebty!!.. wara kil hal chitheb itgooly 7abeebty…. I felt so angry ..remebering that he told me he loved me earlier today… I felt like paradise today.. I had a feeling like no other today..after I knew that he cared about me..and now he goes out with another girl.. and covers it up by saying he has a wonder im angry... i should've known that his kindness was too good to be true.... fire was building inside of me…. I was so frustrated and angry with him right now.. I had nothing to say to him… I couldn’t think anymore… so I just put my hands up in the air and slapped him so hard without thinking… I felt his face change to so many colors .. but I didn’t careless.. I grabbed my stuff and I walked out… when I went out the door I kept thinking..omg I just slapped a guy!!!..and booy that felt real good!!

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Summer Fling 5

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*This post is dedicated to O'10 6ab3an!
to my BF "F"
to all our lovely readers
and ofcourse to "The One"... I miss You

*Tara mu8adaman sorry la2ana a7is the post moo wayed 7ilo..
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anyways.. some of you might consider it cheesy > fa sorry..
and yes I agree .. 7adda wayed Romance for one day :p
Bas yes 6alla3t 7arrity shwaya b the "romantic shit"

Ilmuhem.. try your best to Enjoy!!! :)

PS: shoofaw the person;s perspective la2ana il kalam ily not in quotations is either the narration or the person's thoughts.. Hope its not too confusing XD


------Zaina's Perspective

I contemplated on whether I should listen to 3azeez or clear things up with Meera. Of course I didn't have to think about that a lot; since that melodic voice called me again.

"Zayoooon…" He called … Laish ismy 7ilo 3ala lsana?

"Hmm..." I replied, still mesmerized by the appeal of his voice.

"Wain ri7tay?? Ya3ny 5ala9 you don’t want to know? Kaifich…" He said while playing with my fingers and pouting... How do you expect me to be coherent at this moment??!!

"Shako I don’t want to know … Yalla gool please…" I stared at him with my puppy eyes and innocent expression.

--------- 3azeez's perspective

I finally gathered the courage to tell her about my feelings towards her. Wala I see her completely ignoring me and looking in the other direction!!! Ya3ny wain ga3deen!! I'm holding her hand and she's not even looking at me!! Ana wa7ed 3a9abt w za3alt w kaifha ihya 3ad…

"3azeeez yalla 5ala9 pleeeeeease goool…" She started using that whiny voice that I grew accustomed to; dalooo3a il bint.

"La2 khala9.. itha min awalha m6anshatny" I replied. Adry yahel... bas kint aby ashoof exactly what she was willing to do in order to satisfy her ligafa :p..

"3azoooooooooooooooooz... bala sa5afa!!!!" She almost screamed, and her voice was killing me! Okay... 3azeez remember what your goal is; do not tell her!! 6aferha!! Even if she said your name that way again.. Even if she has the most beautiful face ever. Even if she looks like an angel with her deep chocolate- brown eyes staring intently at you... 3azeeeeeeeez!!! Stay strong I repeated to myself over and over again.

"You know what! 5ala9 maby a3arf" she said. Oh god, she looks like she's about to cry... 7aram 5ala9 let me tell her...

I felt a slight tug on my hands as she was trying to get up… No way that's happening Zayoon!! Not now... not ever …

----- Zaina's Perspective

Umbeee shHal mala8a ya3ny?? Bas 3ashan sira7t shwaya y3a9iB!!.. Kaifa 5ala9, I'm leaving this place.. I realized that my hands were still in his.. I was honestly surprised ina I didn't even mind. It felt so natural and "right". I tried freeing my hand from his, but he only tightened his grip on my hand.. Ouch!! It's starting to hurt!!
"Ayyyy… 3awartny" I exclaimed while sitting down again.

"Mno galich tis7ibeen eedich" he chuckled evilly.

"La ti'67ak 3alay!!" I said and complained some more about how he has to be more gentle.

"I'm sorry.. ma kan 8a9dy a3awrich.. bas ana ma 5ala9t kalamy wala bideeta a9lan" he said tenderly.

"…." 7aram he looks sincere.

"Do you want me to make it up to you??" He said with a devilish grin.

"Ya3ny shlon you make it up to me?? Will you invent a time machine or what exactly??" I said while raising my eyebrow at him challengingly.

"Tshoofeen" He replied while pulling my chair closer to his. 6ab3an hatha using only one hand while the other hand still held BOTh of my hands hostages. Ya3ny no running away..

"3azeez …" I began before trailing off….

------ 3azeez'z perspective

I honestly couldn’t resist it. Her hands were so tiny and white compared to mine. I think she said something bas madry shno. I started lightly pecking her finger tips. One after another, I finished from one hand and moved on to the next. W lastly I settled with a kiss on her wrist; I let my lips linger there for a while, as I took in her scent. Vanilla, my favorite, with a slight whiff of floral; madry shlon I describe it bas it was amazing. 3azeez chinnik ma9a5tha... I think I should stop kissing the girl la2ana I can feel her heart palpitations increase by the second. It did take all the self-control I had to stop kissing her soft, delicate hands; and I did stop, finally!

Rifa3t rasy w I looked into her eyes… and my god how beautiful her eyes are.
Her eyes were my refuge; whenever I looked into them I would feel all the tension in my body disappear and all my problems start to seem negligible. They were round and deep like an ocean, and her eyelashes were tall and thick and they rimmed her eyes in the most amazing way. But what made her eyes even more alluring were all the emotions that were displayed there at the moment.

"Zaina.." I tried saying..
"Zayoooona "

Mako fayda il bnaya b 3alam thany… a5af z3alat miny… 9ij iny 7mar… ya3ny ma tigdar ta9ber??!! Lazem tboosHa il7eeen!!??

"Zayooona…. Zayoonty please ridday 3alay" I tried once more.

---------- Zaina's Perspective

Ok... so I think I'm dreaming. You see it's just a theory because I'm imagining IMPOSSIBLE things. One: he kissed my hand. Two: he is so close to me right now that I can smell his cologne.

"….. Zayoonty please ridday 3alay" he said.

Oh shit!! Now I'm positive that I'm dreaming. He just called me Zayoonty… which means I'm HIS Zayoona. But how can that be?? He doesn’t even love me, or does he??!! Now I'm definitely freaking out!!

"Zayoooooooon!!!" He screamed this time.

"Bsmilla!! Shfeek 5ara3tny!!" I replied slightly startled.

"I'm sorry Zayoon walla asif!! Ma kan 8a9dy…" He replied quickly with regret masking his face.

"…" I was honestly speechless. Ya3ny shagoola?? Don't be sorry I enjoyed every single moment of it??.

"Zayooon please ridday 3alay… walla it won’t happen again!! I'm so sorry wallah!!" He continued. 7aram shakla yakser il 5a6er.

"Bas 3ndy 6alab…" I said with a victorious smile.

"Amray… 3yoony lich" He said gallantly. Awwww, ya7leela… Tislam 3yoonik 7abeeby I almost said.

"Aby a3arf shno kint taby tgool" I said while holding in my laugh.

"Bas chithee… 7a'6er" he said while flashing his pearly teeth at me, and winking. God help me!!!!!!!

"Garbay…" He ordered with a wide smile, and I obeyed instantly – since the ligafa was killing me by now.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. He kept leaning in closer and closer until I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks. He looked into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity, and all my insides screamed: I LOVE YOU! How can he expect my body to function properly with him being so close? Moreover, WTH is he so close?? Please don’t tell me he's going to kiss me!! I don't think my heart can endure that, too.

I think he saw my horrified expression because he moved his head to the left a bit and leaned in even closer. His lips were touching my ears now which caused my heart to go into a crazy fit. What is he trying to do to me??!! I sat there for a while just listening to his rhythmic breathing. Then again, his angelic voice magically found its way to my eardrums.

"Leel7een tabeen t3arfeen" He said with humor filling his voice.

"Ee…" I nodded back with all the strength I had.

"Hmm…" He said, trying to test my patience. After a while he continued…
"Tadreen shkithir a7ibich Zayoon?...." he whispered into my ears, causing the wild butterflies in my stomach to wake up and my whole body to shiver.

"Madry" I gulped. Apparently he found my reply funny because I heard his chest rumble as he tried to hide his laugh.

"A7ibich." He replied, with such sincerity that my eyes began to water. "Let's just keep it at that" he added, and with that he started to move back to his place.

To explain how I felt at that moment is merely impossible. The man of my dreams just confessed his love to me. No words can ever explain how ecstatic I was, and no one can ever claim to be happier than me. I was simply on cloud 9.

"I love you, too." I replied bidoon ma a7is b nafsy, and although it was almost a whisper I knew that he heard it. His eyes widened as he took in what I just said, and a breath-taking smile found its way to his face.

"Goolay walla!!!" He screamed with excitement. 7abeeby shakla chinna yahel!

"3azeeeez… lower your voice, moo lazem kilman yisma3!" I told him with a chuckle.

"Ma yhimny!! 5al yismi3oon!! Zayooon, 9ij t7ibeeny??..." He asked as he moved his chair closer again until it collided with mine.

"Ee 9ij 3azeez…" I said in a low voice while bushing w nazalt rasy.

"7abeebat 3azeez intay" he replied gleefully. "6al3eeny Zayoon" he softly added.

Rifa3t rasy w I looked into his eyes, and what I saw there was enough for me. His eyed radiated with happiness and told me just how much this man loves me. Our eyes shared a private moment as they exchanged all the feelings of love that they had hidden in the past. Just then, his mobile rang interrupting the most passionate and blissful moment of my life.

"Moo wagtek!!" He exclaimed almost actually angry with the phone.

"Hehe.. 3azeez rid, yimkin its important." I said while laughing at his expression.

"Aloo.." he answered the phone and continued talking while still looking at me. I didn’t really listen to the rest of the conversation because I was too busy taking in all his features, from his arched eyebrows, to his hazel eyes, perfect nose, delectable lips, and lastly his defined jaw. Again, his voice forced me back to reality.

"Zayoon!" He called me in a sad tone.

"Shfeek 3azeez?" I replied questioningly.

"I'm sorry walla! Kint aby ag3ad wiyach ilyoom bas rfeejy tawwa dag 3alay w
tithakart ina 3indy project wiya w lazem a5al9a." He guiltily said.

"3azeez min 9ijik! 3adee, roo7 w 5ali9 your project… We can always get together tomorrow or any other time" I replied with a smile.

"9ij Zayoon!!.. Ya3ny moo za3lana?" He asked with concern.

"La2!" I answered automatically.

"7abeebty!" He said lovingly. "3ayal yalla goomay 5al awa9lich gabel ma aroo7." He continued.

We left the coffee shop and I insisted on taking a taxi back. So, being the gentleman he is, he hauled one for me, made sure I'm safe and then closed the door. As soon as the taxi moved, laffeet wayhee walla ashoofa wagef b mukana gam y6ali3ny. I kept looking at him until he was out of my sight. Then I sat properly and thought him, my 3azeez, with a smile plastered on my face all along.

The ride in the taxi was a quiet one if you disregard all the horns and the sounds of the engines working. My mind was working strenuously on saving all the details of today. I prayed and hoped that this is just the beginning of my "love story" and that 3azeez will be mine forever. The driver's croaked voice suddenly interrupted my train of thoughts.

"Excuse me… can you repeat what you just said" I said, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry but I'm an old man and I can't really remember where exactly the building is" He replied with a sad smile.

"Umm…" Madry shagoola… ana ma adel mukan hny! Mako '3eer adig 3ala 3azeez.

"Don't worry about it; I'll just call my friend and he'll refresh your memory" I continued with a reassuring smile.

"Thank you" He said, genuinely happy. Ya7leela 7adda yshaweg, in a grandpa way of course.

I rummaged through my bag trying to look for mobile with no luck. I think I forgot it in my other bag. Shit!!

"I'm sorry, but I don’t have a phone with me right now" I told him sorrowfully.

"It's okay, you can use mine" He said as he handed over an aged phone.

I punched in the numbers like an expert, even though I never really called him, bas 7ifa'6t ra8ma min awal yoom 3a6any iya. :P

"Aloo.." came in his manly voice..

"Alo…" I answered back with a smile.

"Zaina!! Shfeech??!! W hatha ra8am mno!!" He said quickly!

"Shfeek 3azeez I'm okay… bas the taxi driver is lost shwaya fa I took his phone to call you… ba3dain shlon 3araftny?" I said baffled by the way he immediately recognized my voice.

"Shlon ma a3arfich?! Cham Zayoon 3ndy?" He replied. Of course you can guess ina I turned into a million shades of red and pink and burgundy.

"Hehe.. la 9ij!! Your reply was fast ya3ny shlon dareet?" I asked with the curiosity burning in me.

"Min il 'aloo' maltich" he laughed.

"Laish ti'67ak!! Shfeeha il 'alo' malty inshallah?" I replied with mock anger.

"Mafeeha shay baba… Hmmm.. il 'aLoo' maltich special.. even though I only heard it for a couple of times bas I can tell it apart min one thousand aloos." He said.

"Ya3ny shlon… ma fahamt!" It was honestly a weird comment to me. Ya3ny my 'alo' is normal.

"Madry shlon bas its different.. ya3ny its girly w short w mysterious.. It’s just special" He said after thinking shwaya…

"Hehe.." Was all I could say at the moment. Ya3ny laish I have to ask him wayed ashya2??!! Lazem afashel roo7y?!!

"Are you okay back there? Or is the phone line not working?" The taxi driver interrupted our silence. Maskeen niseet 3anna!!!!!

"No I'm fine … just give me one second please!" I replied quickly, and to 3azeez I said: "3azeez please kallim il rayyal .. fashla…"

"Okay 3a6eeny ya …" He said, and I gave the phone to the driver. They talked for a while and before I knew it, I was in front of our building. I thanked the driver and headed to my dorm room, with a smile refusing to leave my face.


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Summer Fling 4

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And this is dedicated 7ag o10;**
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We laughed and continued walking when 3azeez suddenly says


I looked up at him to see his face masked with a serious expression.


Ring ring ring...

It was Meera. Weeh I forgot all about her! Waay kilish mo wagtich;/

"Sorry bs I have to answer" I smiled to 3azeez. He nodded.


"Hala zaina wainech?" She asked worridly.

"Ahlain uhh, ana ga3da atmasha ma3a 3azeez shfeech sayer shay?"

"Ma3a 3azeez?!.. Ahaa.. Laa' mo sayer shay Bs kint a7ateech lana radait eshiqa ou maligaitich" her tone suddenly changed;s

"Ahaa.. Khalas al7een arjaa3 yalla bye"

"3azeez yalla khanrid lana Meera al7een bishiqa"

"Uh eh ok yalla"

Ya3ny Meera maligat etdig ella al7een when I finally gathered my courage to tell Zaina the big news!!!

"3azeez yalla khanrid lana Meera al7een bishiqa"

"Uh eh ok yalla" I must say I was a little dissapointed!

The walk home masar shay most of the time we were quiet ou I only asked about her parents ou chithy, ya3ny masar shay!

I walked her to her apartment and we said our goodbyes.

"Mashkoor 3azeez walla I had fun tonight" zaina said grinning.

"El3afo entay elly mashkoora, I had fun too!"

I looked at her pretty face mesmerized in her beauty. I was standing and gave the door my back. She gave me an awkward smile and I realized that I was blocking her way. I returned her smile and moved so she can enter her apartmenet. She unlocked the door and turn to see me.

"Hehe byee.." And closed the door.

Ahh, finally home ta3abat min elmashy. I sat on the couch and heard Meera coming to the living room.

"Ha shloon ur walk ma3a 3azeez?" She asked with a smirk on her face.

"Walla wanasa, he is a really good guy!"

"Ahaa, hehee a7isich t7beena!" I sensed suspicion in her voice.

"Abay la shako!" I blushed ya3ne ana ma3arifha 3adil 3ashan agoolaha my secrets!

"Emballaa you do shda3wa latisti7een goolay ya3ne I saw the way you looked at eachother bil bus!!" She said hitting me lightly on the shoulder with a smile.

"Haw laa' sadgeeny you misunderstood the whole thing he's just a friend! Anyway ana baroo7 anam ta3bana!"

"Heh!" She grunted as I passed her. What's her problem?!

I walked to my room to change when I remembered that 3azeez was trying to tell me something bs Meera called! Waay abay fashla nesait!

*Next morning:
I woke up at 9 3ashan aroo7 elmo7athra. As always it was soo long and boring. I really wanted to bump into 3azeez so I could ask him about what he wanted to tell me. I also contemplated calling him bs gilt shda3wa etha shifta ill ask.
When I reached my building I saw 3azeez leaning on his car with his hands crossed on his chest. He was wearing his ray-bans and looked gorgeous!! When he saw me he flashed his million-dollar smile, I swear my heart almost skipped a beat. I walked to him.


"Hala wala, shlonech?"

"Tamam enta shlonik?"

"Bkhair dam entay ebkhair" he said smiling.


"Hehee, na6er a7ad?" I asked while blushing like crazy.

"Eeh na6er wa7da esimha Zaina? T3arfeenha?" He asked jokingly.

"Ha walla madry chiny sam3a 3anha" I joked back. We both laughed.

"Eeh 3azeez shinu kint bitgooly ams?"

"Eeh saa7.. Mayinfa3 agoola hnee ta3alay khanroo7 starbucks wagoolich.""

"Eeh ok yalla"

We got in his car and he quickly sped off. The car was filled with his scent and it was amazing. I enhaled it in and sighed.
We arrived at starbucks to find it crammed with people. We found a table next to a small window and headed for it.

"Ha shtishrubeen?"

"Umm, hot chocolate please"



3azeez ordered our drinks and came back holding two steaming cups. He handed me my hot chocolate and sat down. He was staring at me as if its the first time he ever saw me!

"3azeez shinu taby tgool? Tara magdar an6er aby a3arif hehee"

"Eeh enzain al7een agoolich! Awal shay shay shloon edarasa ma3ach?"

"Walla zaina.."

"Eeh ashwa... 3ad shiday 7ailich haa?" He said smiling.

"Lool eeh akeed"

"Enzain ouu shloon--"

"3azeez yalla gool!!" I started whining.

He looked at me, smiling. He reached out for my hand and enveloped it with his. I was suprised, what is he trying to do?! I started blushing.

I turned my face around and saw..

Meera staring at me with an expression that I couldn't quite place a finger on.

Oh boy oh boy...!
Hope you liked it;*