Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Fling 7

This is Mrs.Cj;*
Wallah I know inna you guys expect something wow..bs 7addiii I had a really hard time writing this la2ana I'm not really good ib writing..so pleeeease sam7ooniii...;$
Ee w tara I know il font faj2a yit'3ayyar ib the middle..bs la2ana I was writing this really fast..w 7addi I have to go ba3d shway;S

-o10;* You guys can't BELIEVE how much I miss you;* 7addii abii ashoofkum when I'm back;) I miss you so so much!
-G and H;* You guys have made my summer ENTERTAINING with your funny e-mails and "advice"..and G...I love how your feelings were true;) Thank yo 7adda;* You guys 9ej made my summer..like..7adda 3ajeeb;) AAAAAAAAAH....i still can't believe what happened yesterday!!!
-Everone else: ENJOY!!!;*
Zayn's POV

What a freaking-


"3azeez! Stay the HELL away from me!"

I was furious! I kept on walking towards...nothing really...

"Zayn will you just hear me out?" he grabbed my hand and I tried to let go but I couldn't. He held me by my arm and stared at me with furious eyes.

We stayed like that for 10 seconds..just staring in to each other's eyes..

I decided since he was not gonna let go, I'd listen to him..ma knt ra7 a5sir shay really...

"WHAT?!" I screamed a little too loud..people were starting to stare.

"Awwal shay..5ffay 9outich..3aib"

WHAT? Ana yahil ygoolii chithii?!

"3azeez...get to your point please!"

"You misunderstood kl shay.." he started off with a frown..

"Ok awwal shay! Mno hathii? Ba3dain wait wait wait..inta you-"

"Zayn...LISTEN! 5aleenii akammil.."


"THAT was a girl from my class. She's my partner in this class..we're working together for a project.."

"Really 3azeez? At a fancy restraunt?"

"We needed a break..."

"Why do I find it so hard to believe?"

He looked at me like I just told him someone died, he looked so..

"Zayn..you have to believe me..."

"I can't.."

By that time, he had let me go..and I just walked away..trying to go home...


3azeez's POV

She left me standing there: speechless. How can she not trust me like that? After I opened my heart to her, and after I told her that I loved her

A week passed by, and I was so depressed..nothing was going right...

Zayn hadn't talked to me..and I felt that my world was falling apart..

One morning I decided to go to Starbucks for breakfast..just before my first class started..and....
in walked Zayn as I was sitting down...thinking about her.

Zayn's POV

Oh my god, he looked gorgeous!
He looked so hot..how can he pull off looking so....?
and I find it so difficult to just get up in the morning

He walked in with wearing his Abercrombie jeans and T-shirt..with his ray-ban sunglasses and amazing smile on his face...

but when he saw me...he turned that smile upside down and looked away...

When he took his order..he unexpectadly came over...

"Zayn..we really need to talk..I need to make things clear.."

"So do I..."

"Ok..first..that girl was my partner..I didn't tell you it was a girl..la2ana 5ft inna you get angry w chithii, w wallah I'm so sorry!! La2ana I had just told you that I love you, w ma knt abeech you get the wrong idea 3annii."

We stayed silent for a while, I looked down at my hand and started playing with my ring..that ring. the one that-

3azeez interupted my thoughts...

"Zayn shfeech?"

"Mm..I wasn't completley honest with you.."


"Umm..laman you told me that you loved me..wallah 3azeez moo 3an shay..i really like you..bs a7is we're moving too fast..especially because.."

I stayed silent...how was I going to tell him?

"Too fast?"

"ee..ya3nii inta marra wa7da you told me that you loved me..ya3nii..i'm not that kind of girl..you can't just..fall in love without knowing the person.."

"zayn but i know you...we've hung out a million times before.."

"yes but..it's not that...it's just..madrii..a7is we're going too fast...and I..."

"you what??"

"I have someone..that I..like.."

"someone? what do you mean?"

"3azeez...do I have to spell it out for you?! I met this guy when I was vacationig last summer, and we started
going out..he told me that he loved me and gave me this ring!" I pointed at the ring on my hand.

"He told me it was a promise ring that he would always love me...now..we're..kind of dating..it's this long
distance relationship.."

I could tell that he was getting angry...

"Ya3nii ana fahim mn kalamich inna ohwa moo kwaitii or even 3arabii?"

"american actually.." I smiled with satisfaction...

"Zayn,...yannaytay intay?"

"Are you calling me crazy 3azeez?"

"YES!" he screamed...

"WOW! iyee mnnik akthar.." I whispered and got up to leave...

"Zayn listen to me.."

"how many times have you said that 3azeez..listen to me?! is that all that you've got really?"

He got closer when I said that.closer and closer..

Now..I could smell his cologne ..his breath...

"No.." he answered slowly and quietly..

His mesmerizing eyes brown eyes were staring into mine...

"It's not all that I've got.." garrab near me akthar..w that was it! kan agrab ma ygdar...

"Zayn..listen to me.."

He put his hands on my cheeks...and kissed one of my cheeks..


SHIT! I can't think of anything..my legs felt like noodles..

"whether you like it or not...it's not going to change..."

He put his hands through my hair and-oh my god what is he trying to do?

"Nothing will change my feelings 7aggich..you can tell me that you hate me a million times more..it won't change
anything. you are the most amazing person i've met. i love you for who you are on the inside..and no one
can change that..i'd never have feelings for any other girl..you are-"
that's when he got closer to my lips..and i realized we were in the middle of starbucks..but no one was staring..
because kna not in kuwait obviously..thank god..
i wanted to push him away but i couldnt...

"..you are the most beautiful person i have ever seen..from the inside and out,,"

He was breathing heavely..and that's when he kissed me...

I pulled away as fast as I could..

"I have to go.." i whispered..and I left that place as quickly as possible..realizing that what i told 3azeez was
the complete opposite of what i was feeling...

I was falling in love..with him.

Tell me what YOU think!!!!!!
W la tjamloon! o10 you know inna ma a7ib mojamalat...just tell me the truth;P hehe!




  2. Mrs.CJ!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanasa a5eeran you posted!! I'm going to go read it now!!

    Haha! Awal wa7da min SummerFling I comment!! XD

    Miss you!!!


  3. Haha!! Nice twist! I'm impressed, not that I was expecting anything less from you. Oo mo ga3da ajamil. Pretty amazing for someone who was rushing.. ;D

    Oo you just HAD to put in A&F, 9a7?! ;P lol \

    Pretty confusing how even after he heard she liked someone else and was dating him he still kissed her.. but I guess he just loves her that much! XD

    Zaina should get her priorities figured out because this one looks like a keeper! ;D

    Miss you oo love you!! :**

  4. Ee 9a7!! How could I forget?! Thank you so much 3ala il dedication! :*

    Glad I could be... entertaining?? Haha! What are friends for?! ;D


  5. umbaaaaaaaaay 7ada 3ajeeb!
    bs zayoun narfezatny:S
    ya3ny she blames HIM for just hanging out with a girl, while SHE on the other hand is dating someone other than him?
    wai3 hypocrite.. qatheetha;p
    aaaaaaaand i loved this post;* keep 'em commin!

  6. hiiiiiii Mrs.CJ .... missed u!!!!.. el post 7addaaa 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!..i loved it!!;D... oo a7is now fee wayed drama! ;p...
    "american actually.." I smiled with satisfaction...<<< loooooooool 7adde tha7akat 3ala this part..when she said she was dating an american!!;O :P kaaaaaaaaaaaaaak ....

    Miss ya..oo love ya!


  7. i like ena faj2a u added drama to the story 3ashan itkoon more DRAMA;Pp

    oo 9a7 kalam m;** 3an ella hes american;p
    MIss u;**

  8. Monwa: Thank you;*

    G: YES! Ashwa istaw3abtay 3an THAT part;P Hehe...glad you liked it;* miss you wayed;*

    Dreamer: thank you;* ee for some reason ma a7ib zayna too..;P hehe

    M and SD: thank u...;* ashwa inna 3ijabkum:P lol!!
    miss you like hell;*


  9. this post is very nice bs yi8har ;(

    why did she lie to him?!! lazem she says the truth 3shan they dont fight and live happily ever after!!!!

    but this post came from u which makes it special ;********

  10. Unchained Melody: Aww...thank you;* Madrii...ana I didn't like Zayn ..;P fa i wanted her inna tkoon 7a8eera shwaya:P

  11. WOW ! that was deeeeeppp giiiiirrrlll :P y3ni the past where he talks top hr oo says she can say she hates him oo he'll love her! law ana chan thibbbbt :P!! hahaha more more moreee PA-LEEEZ!

  12. MRS.CJ;*** The post is AMAZINNG !!! wallaa 7adaa you added drama and a great twist!!

    Miss you WAYED and love youu;**

    --o10;* MISS YOU ALL LIKE HELL;*(3ala goulat Mrs.cj;p)


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  14. Umbay Mrs.Cj 7elew wayed 7elew mashallah!!!! oo Merci 7ah il dedication oo umm ee 6ab3an lazem abercrombie lazem!!!!!;p loool;p oo Noodles hahahaha!!!!!!:D 7ada ewains mashallah!!!!!! oo I miss u!!!!!!!


  15. N: Thank you;* miss you too;*

    H: ee lol!!:p miss u too;* and thanks;* zain 3jabich;)