Saturday, August 15, 2009

summer fling 8

Heeey this is R:D
I dedicate this post 7ag kill o10 oo especially m oo F oo n … 7adii I miss you guys oo I hope to see you soon . oo 7ag all the lovely readers .
tara I wrote this post 7ada ibser3a cause gabel ams radait il Kuwait bilail oo ams was my b-day fa I didn’t have time fa please sam7oonii itha feeh typeos .. Sorry its shwaya short.


Akeed ga3ada itgi9 3alay law 9ij she had someone in her life chan galatly bil wagt ily kina feeh friends.. I have to do something 3ashan iitridly …


I am falling in love with him why did I lie about this stupid ring everything could’ve gone back to normal after he apologized 7adii ‘3abiya kint lazim atfalsaf ya3nii…

The next day

“Where did I put her number?” aziz told himself

“ooh kahoo “ aziz said
Let me call her before I change my mind.

“6ooo6 6oo6 aloo “ meera answered

“hii ana aziz refeej zaina 3arafteenii “ aziz said

“eeh 3araftik tabii zaina “

“laa laa mabii zaina oo mabii zaina tadri iny ga3da a7acheech “ aziz said

Aziz was getting his thoughts organized while meera was holding the phone and talking to herself aloud “hatha mo 3abala ina yigdar egi9 3alay mithil maga9 3ala zayoon ana tara mob sahla eeeh mo 3abala 3ashan ohwa 7ilw yigdar 3ala kil ilbanat “ aziz heard her and so he cleared his voice to remind her that he is still on the line with her .

“meera agdar ashoofich bacher ib 5ooo9o9 zaina “ 3azeez asked

“ la magdar 3aib matist7ee ana tara mo 3abalik iny sahla ..” she said angerly

Aziz replied “ 3afwan i5t meera 3an il8ala6 ana 8a9dii shareef oo 7ab a8ablich ib5i9oo9 zaina ur roommate fa atemana itfakreen ishwaya.”

Meera thought to her self that their might be something going on since zaina left the restaurant last night without telling her. And zaina wasn’t normal yesterday.

Meera agreed to meet 3azeez at 12 in starbucks he told her that zaina should not know about anything.

At 12 azeez went to starbucks to meet meera .

While he was waiting for his order he sat on a table. 3azeez stared at the door waiting for meera.

After 5 minutes surprisingly zaina entered 3azeez got confused and glanced back and forth at her he couldn’t believe his eyes . zaina went straight to the man to order while 3azeez was still looking at her . Two minutes later meera entered and walked straight up to 3azeez and she didn’t relies that zaina was standing their ordering. As soon as azeez saw meera coming toward him her started pointing at zaina so that meera would relies and stop. But meera didn’t get it and continued walking toward him. azeez got up from his seat and walked to a table that is blocked by a wall. Meera followed him to that table.

“ishwayeb zaina? “ 3azeez asked meera angerly .

“haw zaina da7een 3indaha class..” meera replied

“ imbala zaina ihnii please roo7ay latshoofna I’ll talk to you later.” Azeez said in a hurry.
Meera went to zaina

“Zayoon intay mo 3indich class now?” meera asked

“eeh I have a class now kanii ba5ith my drink oo baroo7.” Zaina replied

“mm mita e5ali9 ur class?” asked meera

“At 2”

“Sorry meera bas I have to go now I’m already late!!” zaina said in a hurry running toward the door.

“ra7 takleen bil bait ?”meera asked quickly before zaina was out of the door .

Zaina turned her face and yelled “no I have to meet a friend”.

Meera went back to 3azeez and told him that zaina is on her way to her class and she won’t be out until 2.

“mashkoora inich rithaitay inich it8ableenii “3azeez said politly

“la makoo moshkila bas yarait tid5al bil maw6’oo3 ibser3a” meera said in a nervous tone which made 3azeez relies it.

“ok ana madrii ishloon abdii bas 7abait agoolich 8i9ity ma3a zaina 3ashan itsa3deeeni l2na intay agrab wa7da 7ag zaina”.

They both stayed silent for 10 seconds

3azeez continued “zaina mat3arif a7ad ib London 8airii ana ma3ach.”

“gool 8i9itik ana asmi3ik oo 7aba asa3dik imbayen ink 5oosh wa7ed oo zaina tistahil.”

“bagoolich il8i9a min il bidaya” 3azeez said

end of post . xD

hope you enjoyed it..:P


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