Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fling 2

HELLOOOOOOOOO!!! This is G...XD!! Inshalla ya3jibkom my post; oo I posted it somewhat earlier than expected la2anna I know inna I can't post tomorrow fa gilt mabi a3aligkom! :D This is dedicated to O10 oo especially 7ag Bahsheep oo Mrs.CJ (You know who you are)! Ma ra7 a6awil 3alaikom... ENJOY THE POST!!! Oo please comment; your opinion matters to me!


After snapping out of my frazzled state, I jumped out of bed and rushed to my closet to find an ‘appropriate’ outfit. In my mind, I envisioned myself looking flawless in a casual yet sophisticated dress. Unfortunately, while I was packing I really didn’t have that thought in mind, it was rather more like “I’ve got to get this over with! It is torture, TORTURE I TELL YOU!”

Yeah, I really hate packing, especially with the prospect of going out for a drive in my new car or meeting up with my friends hanging over my head. So yeah, needless to say I didn’t find that ‘casual yet sophisticated’ dress I was looking for! I opted for a dressy blouse with tailored trousers and a pair of matte flats so as not to look as though I was trying ‘too hard’. As if! Me?! Trying to hard?? After yesterday??? Yeah right!

Anywho, after giving my hair one last flick the door bell sounded through the hotel room and I rushed to see who it was. Now, don’t you know that I know SO many people in London who might drop by any second? It’s not like the only two people I know are Meera and 3azeez! My parents are a totally different story. Evidence #1, I’m stuck in this situation because they were ‘ma3zoomeen’!

Il7een nirja3 ila mi7war il 7adeeth, 3azeez oo the door bell. 8a9di the still unidentified visitor dropping by and the door bell. With an evident bounce in my step and my ever-increasing flush as I got nearer to the door I opened it with a grand flourish.

“Oh, 3azeez!” I said sounding caught off guard.

“Ahlain! Umm shino ma kintay tadreen inna ana bayyi?” He asked sounding confused and putting me on the spot.

I decided to put my sarcasm to use and so with the roll of a tongue it morphed into a lie, “La2, mo chithi bss ya3ni inta tadri mashalla i7na in3arif wayed nas ihni fa gilt yimkin a7ad thani.”

I laughed nervously as I thought “Well what a way to start a relationship! With a lie, and from my side nonetheless!” I know what you’re all thinking and don’t you dare accuse me of being too forward or stepping ahead of myself; there’s nothing wrong with putting in consideration what was bound to happen. I did not wait four years for nothing, and I won’t accept the thought that I did even though it does seem to be the case at the moment. Waay!!! Laish may8il adaba willa shay 3ashan e6ee7 min 3aini oo arta7?!! Bss 6ab3an nafs ma our wedding ib a7lami ohwa inna ekoon shay ‘3air il gallant gentleman he is ba3ad ib a7lami.

“Zaina! Zaina!! Zayoon!!!” He called as he waved a hand in front of my glazed eyes.
“Wain ri7tay?!”

Waay galbi! Galli ‘Zayoon’!

“Ha la wala mokan.” I replied a bit flustered.

“Ma wakaltay e3yalich?!” He asked with a charming lightness in his tone.

I laughed and choosing to ignore the question that would inevitably lead to my face flashing different hues and shades of red I said, “Yalla mishaina?”

“Yalla”, he said as he spread his warm as if telling me to lead the way. Which is absurd really since HE was the one giving ME the tour!

We braced ourselves against the chilly wind that we would meet as soon as we stepped out of the comfort of the warm hotel. Just as we started walking on the sidewalk a strong gust of wind welcomed us and blew my scarf off my neck. I stumbled after it and every time I came close to capturing it, it would escape my grasp. After deciding that it was useless and I’d better stop now before earning any more stares and glances, a hand popped out from behind me and seized the scarf before it could flee again.

I swivelled around slowly to find a smirking 3azeez with eyes filled with amusement. He looked very close to bursting out in laughter at my dishevelled state. I mumbled my thanks and took the scarf from his hands. I wrapped it securely around my neck twice not wanting the recent incident to ever repeat itself, ever! I don’t care what they say about “history is bound to repeat itself” and whatnot; that is not going to happen with me, no siree!

Just as I was about to turn around to see where my superman was, the stubborn, hard-headed, idiotic, mean wind came yet again only instead of attacking my scarf this time it viciously tugged on my beret, it was cute and new too! So much for that speech just now, oh history was definitely not repeating itself! It was merely making its on changes on the now-known story, a much hated story might I add.

Earning another chuckle from 3azeez, he caught the beret before it could take off past him. I held my palm out for the beret as he began to walk along side of me. He gave me a look, as if he was mocking me but that can’t be right. My interpretation skills must be getting a bit rusty, I haven’t analyzed any event for quite some time.

“Intay min 9ijjich? 7asballich ba36eech iyya?! 3ogob illi shifta walla 5ayif innich INTAY it6eereen! Oo mithil ma egooloon il thaltha thabta fa 9ara7a I don’t want to risk it.” He said.

Did I ever mention that he has an adorable British accent? Ta2theer il dirasa barra. Abi ana e9eer 3indi British accent! Way umbay, 7adda yi9la7 7ag tifilsif!

I contented myself with giving him a quiet glare and walked on head held high, arms wrapped around myself not wanting his prophecy to come true. Seeing that it was going to be quite a long walk and I wasn’t in necessarily good company right now I began practicing my soon-to-be accent.

I started practicing with sentences about the weather, which, by the way, was rather gloomy and cloudy.

“Oh really, I seem to think that it is rather marvellous darling! The sun’s shining bright and the charming birds and chirping; can’t you hear them?” 3azeez said in an exaggerated accent. It was like I was speaking to Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins!

I giggled and asked, “shkither ba3ad?”

“Laish ta3abtay? Tara i7na marraina yam akthar min bus stop oo kan fee bus ewadeena lamma il jam3a.” He said.
“3ayyal laish ma rikabna wa7id minhom?!” I asked vexed. My poor feet were probably swollen now and I’ll have ugly blisters by tomorrow.

“Madri, shaklich kintay mistansa bil mashya.” He shrugged.
How can he be so clueless?!

He probably sensed my vibes since he hurriedly said, “Ka fee bus stop 3ogob hal laffa na5ith bus min ihnak, ok? Tara walla asif. 7asballi kintay tabeen tamsheen.” He said looked rather abashed.

“La2 basee6a, ana ba3ad ma tikalamt. Mo ‘3al6itik.” I said as I smiled rather than snapping back as I usually would have.

We quickly walked and after rounding the corner, waited for five minutes for the next bus, and boarded the bus to reach the clear cut building, the Imperial College.

He seemed really comfortable within the walls of the college. He kept stopping to friendly greet some person or the other. I got the tour I came for and much more; we were able to slip into the library and I was astonished by the size of it. The plethora of books on a myriad of topics was simply overwhelming. Yet, with the capacity of holding the books it could it was still modest.

We took a look-see through the library where we were greeted by the librarian. Well really, 3azeez was greeted by the librarian but I seemed to earn a smiley hello simply for being with 3azeez. Boy, did he have them at his fingertips!

6ila3na min il jam3a oo ana 6ab3an halkana bss abi ag3ad. I didn’t waste any time in expressing my wish to 3azeez; I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice!

He chuckled at my forwardness and led us to a nearby café that looked cosy and quirky. In short, it was established with love and it knew that it was special. My suspicions were confirmed when we walked into the café to see a couple behind the counter laughing as they served the costumers with huge smiles and small talk.

We got our hot chocolates and plate of fresh-baked cookies and sat at a table by the window. I sank into the armchair and began to sip on the smooth hot chocolate careful not to burn my tongue.

I can’t believe I feel so comfortable around him. Even more, I can’t believe my parents trusted him with me, alone! They are definitely not the kind to leave their daughter with whomever, but it seemed like they had a lot of trust in him. I’m beginning to too…

Well, he’s certainly different from how I imagined him. I’m sure that four years also has a hand in how different he seems. He isn’t that schoolboy anymore.

We finished up our snack and headed out of the café. I had regained possession of my beret and I was holding onto it with both hands, afraid it might fly off again.

“Ha, tabeen bus willa mashi?!” 3azeez asked teasingly.
I playfully smacked his arm and steered him towards the bus stop.

“Yal 3ayyaza!!” He laughed as we boarded the bus and slid into the first two seats.

“At least I’m not you!” I shot back with a sly smile.

“Oooh! That hurt!” He said with a hand over his heart.

I giggled at his silliness and turned back to the window. I watched the people zooming by. A woman with her little girl. A guy with his arm locked around his girlfriend’s shoulders. A couple walking by hand in hand. I began to get my ‘fuzzy feeling’. I get that warm feeling of butterflies whenever I see a genuine display of affection, it just gets to me. I smiled softly and I felt sort of dazed.

3azeez poked my shoulder and I looked over to him with that same dazed look.


“Fee bint 9ayerlaha sa3a it6ali3na oo gabl ishway ashiratli inna tabeech.” He said.

“Wain?” I asked.

“Ihnak, shoofeeha yam il bab. It3arfeenha?”

“Ee, hathi Meera. My roommate.” I said and as I got up to greet her I realized how this might look to her. Shock washed over me, I hope she has enough rationality to understand… Oo ba3dain my parents know; it’s not as if I ‘m doing something wrong. But she doesn’t know that. She was sitting in the sit behind the door and she had her stuff on the next seat so that she won’t have to worry about unwanted company. She smiled when she saw me.

Ya rab inha tifham! The last thing I want on my mind is a suspicious, untrusting roommate. I really think we hit it off well that day, and it would be a shame it throw it away over a slight misconception. An error in interpretation.

The bus was empty so it rather easy to get to her. I was slowly making my way over to her when the bus lurched to a stop. I lost my balance and I started to fall back. My arms were flailing for anything to hold onto to break my fall. Nothing.

Faces began to zoom in and out, out of focus. Everything seemed dark and soon I was swallowed in the dark world behind my eyelids.

Brightly colored circles danced around, changing colors and shifting into squares then stars then merging into each other and spreading out to cover everything in my line of vision.

My head began to pound, or was that my arm?

I think I hear 3azeez, or is that the bus driver? Mama?? La2, that’s Meera, I think.

I can’t think anymore, it hurts far too much. I just want to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep forever…


Inshalla 3jabkom!



  1. LOL Love it !!!!!!!!

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  2. CuteandCuddly: Thankoos 3ala il comment oo I know!! The accents are so adorable!


  3. Umbay Mashallah 7ada 3ajeeb!!!!! the tifilsif part!!:D...Merci!!!

  4. I'm assuming innich Bahsheep 9a7?

  5. Anony: Intay il 3ajeeba walla oo adri 7itta ana istanast 3ala hal part! Oo il 3afu hun intay illi mashkoora! XD


  6. ee loool!!!!..Moooo!!!

  7. Alla im seriously loving ur story u guys.. Each one of u adds a certain thing to the story.. LOL i adore british accents.. I think im going through an extremely long British accent phase :P..

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  10. Dazzlin: Mashkoora hun! Oo intay il amazing! XD Adri!! Il british accents 7adhom cute oo I can totally imagine 3azeez with one! XD

    SD: HI!!!!!!!! Umbay walla I miss you oo min ziman 3annich!! :D Oo intay il 3ajeeba!! Oo 6ab3an 7abibti! Ya3ni itha ma tifalsaft 7itta law shway ma akoon G...XD! ;P.. lol ..

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  14. Shushu: I MISS YOU!!! XD Oo mashkoora wayed wayed 3ala il comment!! You really made me smile! XD

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  17. Intmacy Xx: Thank you so much 3ala il comment! I know! He is so adorable! Oo il accent ba3ad!! :D.. Oo I agree! Inshalla ma tifham '3ala6 bss we'll just have to wait and see... Even I don't know since I'm not the one writing the next post! Bss inshalla ma tifham '3ala6! :D

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  22. shushu: Hellow! 3ad it9adgeen KILLISH mo fathya... if only you would know! Bss I'm trying to be courteous oo I'm paying my commenters the attention they deserve. Bss don't expect this for ALL the posts! ;D