Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Fling 1

Dedicated to My friends oo D13;**

Once upon a time, in a Neverland maybe!! I was sitting at a table where everything around me
was white and clear; I was reviewing for my final exams or studying.... I couldn't remember
which since all I could think of was HIM, HIM: my prince charming!

I was reading my papers and in my other hand were HIS papers that were stolen from his
locker. I smelled the scent of the papers it smelled just like his scent! But this time it was getting
stronger; I could smell it clearly!! Suddenly his voice appeared oo my heart sunk , goose-pumps started to spread in my body oo my smile grew bigger!
"Hii", his amazing voice said. I just smiled back as I couldn't answer, he takes my breathe away!! Faj2a he reaches for his papers that were in my hand!! His warm big hand landed on mine!! Oo my heart jumped out... oo my heart beats were fast! I just could not believe it! His touch was warm and safe.

He took the papers away from me! I didn't want him to see that they were his, but I was incapable of speaking at all. He opened them as he said,"Mo chena these are my papers?"
I started to shake mn el 5ar3a, yes they are oo stolen ba3ad! Umbaii shagoulaa!!!
My heart sank oo my stomcah started to ache, oo I could hardly talk or even breathe as I said uncertainly "Ummm...No! I don't think so'.

He gave me a look ely 'latchathbeen' as he said, "maktoub 3aliha my name oo 5a6ii ba3ad!"
I stared back speechless oo my eyes teared up. Bss I tried to hold it in oo amazingly I did!
He turned the page oo saw the drawing oo el graphics that I made with his name oo hearts all around! Umbaii fashlah shinu bagool ya3nii! He looked at me oo all I said was," I did not draw those, my friend did". Shinu 7mara ana shinu!! Moo ana sawyta, ya3nii 7ada ashkara! Umbaii fashla...moo hindii ohwa! Akeed eb yefham ya3nii!!

He smiled back oo I started to shake more! Oo I couldn't think eb ay shay! Ya3nii 5ala9 ashkara he knew everything!!

Faj2a the place changed oo kan wagef jedamii he reached for the other papers that were in the tables. I have no idea shloon I let go of the pen that was in my hand, and landed my hands on his!!! He raised his head oo look right into my eyes!! Ana saraaaaaaaa7t oo I forgot everything ely knt bagoula!!

Oo i finally spoke!! " Abii a6lebik 6alab!" He looked at me deeply oo said "SHHHH,, 3indy el6alab!" I had no idea shnoo ya3nii bss he leaned on me oo his face got closer oo I could smell his scent 3adil. It went right through my nose laaay my lungs as I breathed it carefully!! His nose touched mine oo he got closer and closer laaain he reached my lips....... I couldn't release him. I wanted to push him bs he held me tighter oo I gave up!!

His KISS was amazing! it felt soo sweeet that I couldn't hold myself up!! Bss I turned my faace oo he finished the kiss on my cheeks!!

I took a step back. Oh my God!! What just happened?! Umbai.

He looked at me oo he saw t3abeer wayheee as he said " wala assssfff ma kaan 8a9dii shay chethii" I couldn't answer him my eyes teared up. I didn't want it to end chethyy!! Oo everything 9ar black... oo the poor little girl woke up mn her dream as she said "I'll be waiting for my prince to recognize me!!"



Netta: "ZaiiNaaa Yallaaaa Gouuuum... wake up!"

Zaainaa: "Coming!! "

Oh my God!! 7adii pathetic I been having this dream for the last 4 years. 3azeez graduated before 4 years and is currently in university. I had a crush on him when I was in ninth grade. I tried to get over him bs the results were not satisfying. Now this summer will be the SUMMER. I graduated, wa5eeran, oo I'm heading to London to find the perfect university for me to study at! Today inshalla is the day; my parents and I ra7 ensafer.


As we arrived at the hotel, we checked in oo relaxed, the next day I went shopping with mom then we sat bel pizzeria oo I saw a familiar face..awal shay I thought ena I was just hellucinating bs laman looked again he was still there! What should I do 7ada fashalah enshallah he doesn't recognize me!!

I don't even think he knows ena I exist!! How pathetic?! Oo I am trying to avoid someone that does not even know I exist!

After 5 min he left ,el 7imdillah, oo my mom said, "Zayoona shefich me5tar3a?"

"La2, wala shay mama", I said oo trying to pull myself together; he did not see you I tried to convince myself.

The waiter approached us, "What would you like to order?"

"I will have the margarita pizza, and Diet Coke please", I said

"I'd like the vegetarian pizza and some water, please", said my mom.

Just then my dad arrived and walked over to us smiling and sat, "tadroon mino shift??"

Mom, "Minu?"

"Weld 3amtii S3oud, welda 3abdl3zeez Al-# yadress eb nafs el jam3a elii ra7 tadress feeha Zayoona".

I was shocked oo my mouth fell, literally. I could not believe what I was hearing!! Madrii shinu I was feeling. Happy or sad or angry??

Then I decided I was really mad oo shocked oo nervous when my dad said, "3ezamt 3azeez yakel ma3ana, ehwa bara bs egool 7ag rab3a oo eyee."

3azeez is my 2nd cousin; I can't believe it! Every time my dad esalm 3alayh eb my school I thought ena his father oo my father are friends oo now I realize ena he is my COUSIN!!

Wai3!! I have a crush on my 2nd cousin; I have a rule ena 'COUSINS R UR BROTHERS'. Bs he is too good looking to be my 2nd cousin!!

Faj2a as I was rambling 3azeez approached our table oo he sat next to my dad and me.

"El Salam 3alaykom", his amazing smooth voice said.

"Wa3aykom el salam, Shlonek 3azeez, oo Shlon el walda??" replied my mom.

"Zaineen el 7imdillah", he said.

*Awkward silence*

"3azeez, bentii Zayoona ra7 tadress eb nafs el jam3a elii enta tadress feha", my dad said.

"9ej?! Shinu ta5a9o9ich??" He asked me

"Handasa, oo enta?" I replied. A9lan i know ena he is majoring in cardiology, mashallah he is really smart.

"Cardiology", he said.

"Mashallah, bs 9a3ba hal madaa, 9a7?" I asked

"kelshay 9a3b bs etha darastay oo you like want you are doing ra7 ekoon sahel", he said.

El wagt mesha ebser3a oo faj2a 5ala9na... 7ada eshawig oo laman solafna 7asyat ena I known him since forever....oo 7adii mestansa because it's our first conversation! Oo I am not dreaming; it's for real! Someone pinch me!!

"Zaina, wayn re7tay?" Asked 3azeez.

Chan atane7 oo I answered, "laaa2 wala mokan, bs el mara looks familiar elii tawha e6la3at." I was trying to arage3ha.

"Tabeen a36eech tour entay oo your parents eb el university?" He asked.

"Ee, plz 7adi 5ayfa enii a'9ee3! Thank you", I answered

"La2 eshda3wa! E7na ahal", he said politely.

"Yalla ana maashii ma3a el salama oo mashkoor 3amii 3ala el 3asha,oo etha tabii ay shay hatha ra8mii", he said as he stood up to leave.

"El 3afoo, oo mashkoor maa etga9er", my dad replied.

My dad paid el check oo we headed to our hotel, oo men el ta3ab nemna ebser3a.

The Next Morning:

We woke up early, ate breakfast, oo re7na apartment hunting. Oo finally we found a perfect apartment that was near the university oo my roommate is an emariti girl that I've never met, her dad and my dad are friends, oo hopefully she would turn out to be nice *crossing my fingers*!

"Zayoona hathii Meera", my mom said

"Hi Meera, shlonich? Ana Zaynaa!" I said introducing myself.

"Ana eb5ayr, entay esh7alich?" She replied.

"Good! Tabeen we go out for lunch so we can get to know each other", I asked.

"Ee, yalla akoo a Chinese restaurant 7ada 6ayeeb near our apartment, 'Roomy' " she said and giggled
"Then lets go 'Roomy' " I said giggling.

We went in oo ordered oo we started to talk oo get to know each other better oo she turned out to be a really nice girl!

"Yallah bye, see you tomorrow roomy", she said.

"Bye", I replied.

On my way to the hotel marayt Starbucks oo I ordered a cappuccino wela ashoof 3azeez oo I tried to avoid him 3ashan maa e9er shay akward lena 7adii manii 5elg.

"Zayna, 1 cappuccino skimmed milk no cream" shouted the Starbucks guy.

"Thank you" I replied.

Then, 3azeez looks over to me when he caught my name oo he walks towards me.

"Hala Zayna, shlonich?" He said.

"Good, enta?" I asked politely.

"Zain, shinu yaybich ehnii?" He asked.

" la2 bs tawnii kent ma3a my room mate oo we chose our apartment oo it is near by" I replied

"9ij? Ana ba3ad my apartment yam Starbucks 3ayal ra7 ashoofich wayed ehnii" he said and smiled

"La2 moo wayed I am not a big fan of Starbucks" I replied and smiled back.

*Awkward Silence*

"Yalah bye ta5ar el wagt lazem ared el hotel", I said as I broke the awkward silence.

"La2 maa etreden ebroo7ich ana aw9lich el hotel", he said gallantly.

God, he's such a gentle men 7ada zooqa, oo they blame me for having a crush on him.

"Bs a5af ur busy!" I said.

"La2 ma 3indii shay, yala meshyna?" He replied.

"Yala" I said.

We got inside the taxi oo we started to talk during the ride; it was the best taxi ride I ever had. We talked about food, bs who the hell talks about food?!

He likes Indian and spicy food mithly ( ;p ) 7ada we are meant for each other!

"Akoo Indian restaurant 7ada 3ajeeb ra7 a3zemich 3alayh sometime, ra7 ya3jebich", he said.

"3ad eb london el ehunod matroosen", I said.

"Ee 9a7 kalamich, mara wa7id hindii 3abalah ena I was indian oo spoke to me bel hindii, oo I told him ena I am not hindii!" He said.

"3ad shalik moo hindii, you are too handsome to be Indian" I said.

Umbaii did I just say that out loud!!! Bs el 7imdillah el taxi stopped oo I opened the door oo quickly jumped out of the cab oo geltla "Bye & thank you" gabl la he says anything oo I ran 7ada ebser3a to my hotel room.

I tried to sleep bs makoo fayda, I just keep replaying what just happened, 7ada fashlah what the hell did I just do?!

35 sheeps,,,,,41 sheeps,,ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


"Aloo?" I answered in a sleepy voice

"Zayoona , yalah gomay , tara 3azeez ra7 emoorich at 11 3ashan esawiilich tour 7ag your university, oo ana oo obooch can't come ma3zoomen", said my mom

"SHINU?!" I screamed.

"Yala ta5arana 7abebtii, bye", she said oo hung up the phone.

Men 9ejhom?! Oh my God, 7ada fashalah after salfat ams! Shit, it's 10:30 lazm I get ready ebser3a.




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